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KOTV embeds YouTube video too violent, distasteful, inappropriate, possibly illegal for YouTube

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The bloggers at the KOTV blog, being professional journalists and all, report on the SHOCKING YES SHOCKING video of a GASP fight in some Midwest City education prison. The video was (or, is) quite violent, showing one student getting his head kicked like a football! But but but KOTV is a serious news station! Why would they glorify that kind of nauseating violence?

Luckily, YouTube – new home of the vast wasteland – has more sense than KOTV, which tried to embed the video uncensored on its blog! So KOTV has less scruples than YouTube.

But dat is how dey roll, them Gangstas at the KOTV blog! Hard-core, ya’ll!


Written by thetulsan

February 29, 2012 at 9:51 am

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