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Anne Coulter has her work cut out for her in Oklahoma

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The Duchess of American Mouth-Breathing Conservatives is going to be in Broken Arrow for a fundraiser for Randall Terry – the Operation Rescue founder who is, apparently, running for President.

Ms. Coulter is one hot mess, and she should have nothing but well-deserved loathing for Oklahoma Republicans. Her erstwhile boy Terry does not show up on any polls in crappy Oklahoma, while Rick Santorum may as well have been born here with a commanding 25 point lead over Mitt Romney.

The problem with Anne is that she has endorsed Mitt Romney, saving nothing but polite evisceration for Santorum.

Reading Coulter, one would imagine that she would have serious, serious issues with those who just blindly support Santorum, and yet comes the Scrawny One to stump for Randall Terry. She must know that Oklahoman Republicans are really the stupidest voters on the planet, lemmings with convictions.

Are you going to attend this laughfest of political silliness? Going to protest? As for me and mine, we are going to the Akdar Shrine Circus – which will have roughly the same content as anything happening in Broken Arrow Saturday.


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