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SURPRISE! False flag days after ‘safe cops’ initiative? No big deal as someone threatens cops with stop-sign grafitti

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Understand something, I pray for our police. In fact, daily I pray for those reprobates who so horribly abused me and have gone unpunished. Mostly because it is what the Messiah asks of us and God commands, but also because I do not want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. Working through it.

Having said that, I so totally do not believe that some punk scrawled a threatening piece of graffitti on a North Tulsa stop sign, as the FOX23 blog breathlessly reports.

So days after a ‘safe cop’ initiative comes their report. Very convenient. Days after this pathetic piece of shit blog – thetulsan – publishes an excoriating post regarding the cop-worshipping zombies in the local media this happens. Riiiiight. Can you say ‘False Flag’? I can, and I bet some cop did it precisely for the purpose of underscoring the awful awful threat our awful awful police are operating under.

This is murder-for-hire, stuff, right? Why no reward for this criminal threatening death to the pigs? C’mon ‘crimestoppers’ [read ‘crime-enablers’] get on it, cops’ lives are in danger! We have to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to keep them safe, we can STOP AT NOTHING to prevent violence against our police! So no appeal from Crimestoppers, or a warning about prosecution, or a pledge to find the perp or any reward. The FOX23 blog led off its Thursday broadcast with this story, so should be big news but this incident does not even warrant a mention from any of the other news media blogs.

Bullshit. And even if it is a credible threat, the perpetrator probably has reason for his anger. I volunteer to pray for the perp; do you think one breath has been wasted during the demonic ‘Christian Police Association’ meetings? Riiiiight. I repeat, well up a nice cup o’ piss and take aim at the nearest dead cop’s grave and have at it. When Tulsa’s demonic police are tied for LA and New York for police misconduct in the state #1 for police misconduct, when a well-known blogger gets the shit beat out of him and there is a blackout on the story – well maybe it is time to consider what causes antipathy toward the police.

I have an incredible level of support and ego and support network and this experience has about used me all up. Maybe it is time for someone to start looking a little more seriously at cases of police abuse in this town. That, or next time some cop goes down do not be too surprised when there are celebratory parties in, y’know, those parts of town…


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