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Unkkka Sam is a zombie corpse waiting for the head shot

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Do I hate Amerikkka? Without a doubt. I love the idea of America, but when was America great, or even good? When we allowed racist posses to lynch black families en toto? When we did not allow women to vote? When we were force-marching Native Americans to their deaths? When we financed Nazi Germany, ignored the Holocast while it happened – to the point of turning away boatloads of Jewish refugees just to have them returned to Europe and their deaths? When we robbed generations of Japanese-Americans of their heritage and freedoms?

America has never had the chance to live up to its promise, and now any semblance of the American Dream is dead dead dead. America has sold the promise of glory to banking cartels, has no hope of becoming the beacon of freedom for the world, and is now the chief purveyor of violence in the world. Unkkka Sam is now no more than the slave-labor for a global police state, forever entwined with innumerable foreign alliances and sold into eternal debt.

I do not hate Amerikkka anymore than one would hate the animated corpse of a loved one. Many of our forbears warned us but now – bewitched by diabolical diversions – we choose to see the memory of our loved one even as its zombified corpse stumbles at us for the kill. And the kill is coming. While we may hesitate on the trigger for a moment – seeing not the monster but its former glorious human self – the killing machines we have created will not hesitate for one moment. For the paycheck or fear of their own lives or because they themselves have no pity or love or decency – the triggers will be pulled.

It is said that whoever fires first in a civil war loses – and I doubt that wisdom. The police state pulls the trigger every day against the innocent – from police brutality to prosecutorial misconduct, every day is a litany of abuse and degradation of the innocent at the hands of the police state. But there is no counter-fire, no protest, no reaction, just a slow, dull, glance at the carnage as we shuffle toward the flickering screens of the abyss. We are the prison state of the world, the chief exporter of violence and weapons, the cheerleader for criminal banking looters.

God Bless Amerikkka!


Written by thetulsan

March 10, 2012 at 8:32 am

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