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Brave US troop slaughters 16 civilians: ‘Duhhh they hate us for our freedumbs.’

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If I were an Afghan I would not be lining up to serve the New World Order. I would look at the long history of my peoples and see that my land is where Empires go to die, and go help the current empire do precisely that. Nope, I would not hate the occupier for its supposed ‘freedoms’ at home or for wanting to sell Big Macs to my people, I would hate the occupier for the thousands and thousands of innocents killed for no reason and with no remorse.

Here are some little ones who were obviously going to pour over our border and occupy our towns. Uuuuu-RAH, soldjah!

True story: I was talking to a soldier getting ready to go to Asscrapistan and he tells me how he could hardly wait to ‘shoot somebody .’ Not glad to protect the USA or spread democracy or open up markets or whatever other delusions armed service members serve under, but to ‘shoot somebody.’ Shocked, I said nothing and he left and I was concerned. NEXT DAY a soldier comes in and he was getting ready to ship out for his THIRD tour, and I relayed the story to him.

He looked kind of puzzled, saying in two tours he had never had to shoot anybody. I was readying an interjection congratulating him when he offers this ‘I am a driver, so I just …’ and he makes the steering-wheel-jerk-to-the-side motion! Shocked I did not ask him how many times he had done that as he just laughed and walked away. But those two reprobates are the exception, not the rule, I just happened to meet back-to-back the two bad apples that ever went to war from Oklahoma. What a coincidence!

Wonder if he was the brave, brave, honorable, so-much-better-than-you-and-i-because-he-is-a-soldier who slaughtered the innocent men and women and children in Kandahar. The evidence is trickling in that a good number of our service people are traumatized mental cases that are actively suicidal or homicidal. This troop is ‘rogue’ in the sense he did not care if he was caught – the rest just kill on the sly and are able to cover up their wickedness.

Probably not one of the murderers I met those two fateful days, but one thing is true, those villagers will not be placated with apologies or rewards or assurances that this was a crazy man. The hatred they will feel for generations will not be because we eat Snickers at home or have wet t-shirt contests. Our hedonism will not endear them to us, for sure, but their hatred comes from any occupied people resisting the boot of the oppressor.


Written by thetulsan

March 11, 2012 at 9:40 am

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