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SURPRISE: City covered up serial rapists, leaving Tulsans in danger

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While our awful, abusive, corrupt police may be quick to congratulate themselves for when they succeed in doing their jobs, they are far, far quicker to manipulate your perception of them.

Case in point would be the recent arrest of not one but two serial rapists in town. Just days ago this blog published an entry critical of the sex crimes detective’s use of the word ‘recidivist,’ stating that the detective may not know the meaning of the word or knew something he was not saying.

Turns out both hunches were right. ‘Recidivist’ does mean a repeat offender, and the detective knew that there was a repeat offender committing rapes in South Tulsa. The alternative reading of the situation is that the detective did not connect-the-dots and thought there were several – at least seven – rapists prowling South Tulsa.

So even as Tulsans were kept in the dark about these horrific criminals your brave genuises knew the modus operandi, descriptions, and areas of operation for these monsters. In other words, Tulsans were not allowed to protect themselves or work with the cops. That, or the sex crimes division simply does not know what they are doing.

This is personal, yes, way personal. As a victim of police brutality, false arrest, torture, prosecutorial misconduct, I am very concerned for both the safety of our officers and the public at large. The rampant criminality of the Tulsa Police and their obsession with their image is costing lives and aiding monsters like these serial rapists.


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