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FORGOTTEN VALOR: Murderous soldier has no hometown, really

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So we have ‘stolen valor,’ a phenomenon whereby idiots attribute to themselves military service and/or honors that were undeserved, and we have ‘borrowed valor’ – a phenomenon whereby others try to insinuate themselves into the Valor Circle by glomming onto some soldier’s exploits. What about Nope-never-heard-of-him Valor?

Remember Dakota Meyer? The outrageously brave fool earned the Presidential Medal of Honor for disobeying orders and trying to rescue US soldiers who were pinned down under fire in some hellhole in Asscrapistan. An amazing story, but lookit how many places he is from: Greensburg KY, Adair County KY, Columbia KY, Green County KY, Louisville KY, while a Huffington Post blogger pegs Meyer’s new hometown as Austin TX, and a semi-borrowed reference to Russell Springs KY.

Of course I noted how quick pathetically and shamefully Tulsa glommed onto Jon-Luke Bateman, who was pegged to Las Vegas, Tulsa, Pahrump, and even Camp Pendleton after his accidental death.

So how are the warmongering, uniform-worshipping zombies reacting to Robert Bales’ massacre of sleeping Afghanis? Distantly. Norwood OH is a bedroom suburb of Cincinnati where he grew up, but the Enquirer repeatedly points out he is most recently from Washington State. If Bales had died or been awarded a medal he would be from Cincinnati and whatever loser county Cincinnati resides in, but inasmuch as he is a world-class demon he is from nowhere, the product of nowhere, nowhere wants to take credit for being the moral reserve responsible for the massacre.

He served his country and it betrayed and pissed on whatever valor he had – and when he snapped so spectacularly he has become the absolute fodder he always was. Unknown, a mystery, practically raised himself and just materialized somewhere near Cincinnati.


Written by thetulsan

March 18, 2012 at 9:10 am

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