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Trayvon Martin is alive and well in racist, evil Tulsa…

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…he just has not been executed yet! That is the absolute sentiment of every young person of color in this town, and the reality of this is being played out in the 1st Degree Murder charge leveled against two black 22 year olds who were found with an injured baby in their car.

Do not get me wrong when I say innocent until proven guilty, or that Tulsa Police routinely falsify their wicked reports – both are undoubtedly true. When Tulsans congratulate themselves on their eruditeness or diversity or tolerance they should take a long hard look at the case of Mica Shoate, 22, and Jazmin Williams, 22. Our wicked District Attorney has chosen to prosecute them with MURDER IN THE FIRST – PREMEDITATED MURDER. This charge means that the girls – both of them – willingly and purposefully killed that precious little boy.

These girls had called EMSA and were racing toward Saint Francis when they were stopped with the unresponsive baby in the back seat. Was he alive when the ossifer made the stop or did he – the infant – die on the spot? Either way District Attorney Tim Harris is – once again- playing for the racists in Tulsa that cheer nailed-to-the-wall allegations; of course later when the charges are reduced for a plea bargain the story will be buried or not reported at all. Meanwhile, the DA in Sanford has not seen fit to charge that murderer Zimmerman with one dang thing.

This unequal and lopsided application of the justice system has made the Amerikkkan injustice system the cruelest joke in the world. Black men have greater life expectancies in prison than on the street, and in a country with the highest population count and per-capita amount of imprisoned humans in the world, in prisons which are nothing but training grounds for hard-core criminality, where there are an estimated 1,000,000 male rapes, the inevitability of a life fighting for survival is hard to escape.

How bad will the retribution be? Who will it be that is the object of undeserving retaliation by angry youth? Someone is going to get hurt and the injustices that Harris and the human excrement in Sanford, Florida are to blame – not some damn hoodie. Black folk rightly perceive that it is open season on them by scared whitey – and both of these cases underscore that point.

UPDATE: For the second time since this post was published, the criminals in the media and injustice systems have seen fit to reiterate their venomous tale of how this child had been dead for eight hours before pulled over.


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  1. Tulsa is taking a beating today, I see…


    March 28, 2012 at 12:55 pm

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