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TULSA SUCKS EVEN MORE: Zimmerman runs wild in Tulsa as dude allowed to menace with gun at Performing Arts Center

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Tulsans have a two-tier injustice system: one for the elite and connected, and one for the rest of us.

Consider this incident at the Performing Arts Center, in which a patron was slightly inconvenienced with traffic cones. Go ahead and click through that and lookit there: ‘Tulsa Police Public Information Officer Leland Ashley said, “We have several witnesses that are corroborating that the driver was the aggressor.’

So even though everyone agrees that the dude with the gun was being the aggressor, he is still allowed to walk free and no charges were filed by the corrupt, lying, wicked Tulsa Police Department.

Who was this masked man, this hot-head with hot lead? Funny, no names mentioned. Hmmmm. What if the driver had pulled his gun on a cop? Or was, y’know, of ‘color?’ THEN the dude would be in it neck-deep with every kind of charge nailed to him.

Tulsa is a cesspool of nepotism, good-old-boyism, racist, wicked pile of excrement that makes Chicago look like Mayberry. These kinds of things happen alllllll the time, with the well-connected just skating on any and every charge possible, and the rest of us just crushed beneath the boot of our blood-thirsty and corrupt injustice system.

And consider the KTUL blogs headline: driver pulls gun ‘during’ fight. Umm at what point did the driver a) retrieve the gun and b) did he load it? ‘A’ would be meaningful because ‘during’ a fight means that the weapon had to be retrieved ‘during’ a fight: if this was a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing then the gun-holder would have to have disengaged the fight while he was fighting for his life to get it. In other words, the lack of charges on the parking lot attendant indicates this is not the case – the gunner was not in a life-threatening situation and everyone who saw his freak-out would testify to such.

‘B’ is meaningful because it shows intent to use the damn thing, just like you-know-who Zimmerman. But hey, the dude has connections, so he skirts, just ready and willing to pull a gun any time his pampered and spoiled life is inconvenienced. You stupid, stupid Tulsans, you are living in a caste system that rivals anything seen in Soviet Russia or communist China or 17th century India. Tulsa is an absolute shit-pile of this kind of activity, worse than Chicago or any banana republic.

No that human excrement Tim Harris will not pursue charges, no one will care, but sooner or later someone will die because of that gun. Give it time, that idiot will Zimmerman someone else, just give it time.


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