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PROTECT & SERVE FAIL: Tulsa Police execute suicidal mental patient – mental health ‘officials’ silent…

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I am warning you again: Tulsa is a cesspool of corruption, murder, lies, and abuse. Last night, a brave, brave ossifer risking his life for you, dear Tulsan, shot and killed a man – Bobby Sutton – whom mental health workers had determined was actively suicidal and needed hospitalization.

The lying liars at the FAUX23 blog called the murder ‘a scuffle,’ while the uniform-worshipping liars on the KJRH blog say it was officer-related injuries ‘accrued’ during the incident. The propogandists at the loathsome KOTV blog actually mentions the ‘suicide’ aspect in its headline abstract. The bloggers at KTUL give absolute cover to the murderous act, publishing the Nazis’ propoganda seemingly word-for-word.

So in a city where pepper-spray was used on myself while I was being held face-down in the middle of a road by a goon from Storey Wreckers, on William Sturdivant as he was complying with the college-trained ossifers’ orders to come off that tower, where DETECTIVE Roger Smith used pepper-spray on his girlfriend because he thought she was messing around on him, where Occupy protesters are sprayed for compliance, the only resort the pigs had was to open fire on a man they had been dealing with for hours as their only option? Really? This man was murdered and no one cares.

Again, the State is wantonly executing citizens en masse, every day, from sea to shining sea, and nothing is being done about it. Our wicked Amerikkkan prison nation just devours lives wholecloth – and Tulsa is arguably the worse of the worse. Consider that Tulsa is #1 per capita for reported cases of police misconduct and the suicide rate for 2011 was 40% higher than the previous year, and you had better believe Tulsa is one huge FAIL.

The America and Tulsa you thought you knew and loved is dead dead dead – like that mental patient – and you have no recourse, no hope, no dream of escaping it.


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