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#BORROWEDVALOR: Carmeggedon in Austin as regime stages Horst Wessel-esque parade for dead cop

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In the wake of the tragic shooting of Senior Police Officer Jaime Padron at an Austin Wal-Mart, regime officials decided to stage parade-on-wheels allegedly to honor the slain cop.

The officer’s body was drove through Austin at the heighth of rush hour, creating delays of up to two hours for witless commuters, leading to charges of a planned ‘carmeggedon’. By all accounts Padron was a stand-up guy (which is why he policed in Texas and not, say, Tulsa) and his murder is beyond understanding, but carting this man halfway around Texas in this manner is, well, wrong, and undertaken soley to rally the public around the wicked police state.

Ever heard of Horst Wessel?


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