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Grab the butter: Congressman Sullivan is T-O-A-S-T

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And not that nice, thick, crispy toast, but burnt-out and crunchy dry sort that is best for throwing to the birds and/or squirrels! That, at least, is the hope of former ‘Top Gun’ pilot Jim Bridenstine, who seeks to unseat the right honorable Sullivan in the Republican primary at the end of June. I talked to a dear friend who is on ‘Team Sully,’ and that person is in complete denial about how awful Sullivan is, and the trajectory planned for Bridenstine.

If you want change, please support Bridenstine by volunteering or getting a window sticker (EZ-off! no stickiness, y’know) or a yard sign. If he turns out to be another globalist monster who worships death and destruction then vote him out in two years, but in the meantime District 1 can project its voice through Bridenstine more effectively than stuttering, stammering, manipulative Sullivan.

Sullivan’s manipulation of the District 1 voters is evident through his involvement against the Kialechee Town Village’s planned Red Clay Casino. When I told my friend that the race was not Sullivan’s to lose but that he would – for the first time – actually have to prove he is a better representative for District 1 – said friend said ‘What about what he has done with the casino?’ I take this as an admission that the meddling is nothing but cheap political grandstanding.

End the cheap politics, make your vote count, and vote for Bridenstine. Now, do not misunderstand me, Tulsa does not deserve someone of Bridenstine’s caliber, zombie Tulsa voters deserve the do-nothing, hard-drinking, Great Plains co-sponsoring, Betty Ford-clique, country-club con-servative Sullivan, you really do. In a larger pond ol’ Sullivan would not be elected dog catcher, where Bridenstine would be a serious political force. Why Bridenstine wants to serve this hellish pit is beyond reason – he could go anywhere and be successful, and we suspect that Bridenstine will not serve the district and then move away forever like so many other Federal elected ‘officials.’


Written by thetulsan

April 18, 2012 at 10:35 am

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