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Is Big Splash worth the cost?

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Another let-down Monday, when the overwhelming majority of Tulsans wake to find themselves wildly disappointed to find themselves in gross Tulsa. Admittedly Mondays are horrific for most working stiffs nationwide, but we already know Tulsans are among the most unhappy workers in the nation.  Tulsa is so damned awful that – as we already know – any ‘good news’ is promoted with glee by the lying liars among the media bloggers, the most notable example being’s ridiculous assertions that Tulsa is an excellent vacation spot.

Well besides the fact that there are no direct-to-coast flights, no amusement parks, natural wonders, really only occasional visits by aging music acts, Tulsa is a great vacation spot for families whose big idea of fun is taking tick-infested walks or big-box shopping in the Midwest. What about Big Splash? Now THERE is an awesome destination, right? Wrong!! Among the nine ‘best affordable destinations’ that have water parks, how does Big Splash fare? Virtually dead last, that is how! In the order of ‘vacation destinations’ as recommended by, here is how awful Tulsa’s awful water park truly is:

Tulsa: a Big Splash of Disappointed

These ratings are derived by averaging Google, Yahoo, and Yelp reviews, and clearly demonstrates that besides Boulder CO (with an incredible 1 rating) and Rogers AR (which does not even have a water park) Big Splash ranks dead last! Funny thing, I WILL STILL BUY A SEASON PASS FOR ME AND THE HALF-PINT! THAT is how desperate I am! I will endure the baby-pee-pool – the one where water passes nicely between the lawn and pool over thar by the ship-shaped-slide – and the aging facilities for a chance to drown in the wave pool.

In the meantime stay far, far away from Tulsa. Unless your favorite artist is performing a one-night-only last-ever no-more concert in Tulsa, save your money and your time and pick any of Oklahoma’s other teeming metropolis’ for your vacation destination.


Written by thetulsan

May 14, 2012 at 11:23 am

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