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Bridenstine is really making Sullivan nervous

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UPDATE: Someone over at the Bridenstine campaign has left the reservation and gone nuts with yard signs in public right-of-ways. I do not mean a couple in a few intersections, I mean dozens and dozens anywhere and everywhere.

This is disappointing, and probably speaks to a few consultants who have always done things that way and will not change. My contention is that if a candidate’s first public act is creating roadside pollution, the only thing they will do in office is perpetuate criminal behavior.

My enthusiasm for Bridenstine’s campaign has taken a hit on this, but hopefully this is just a veteran campaigner and not the wish of the candidate.

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You have no idea the hidden enmity that Congressman Sullivan is held with by leading Republicans in Tulsa County, no idea. The stay at Betty Ford, his support for Great Plains, illegal campaign contributions, the ‘accident’ at the congressional parking lot and the subsequent suit he filed against us taxpayers for a permanent disability, his endless press releases during campaign seasons, his lack of leadership…it just goes on and on.

More importantly though is Jim Bridenstine’s ready-for-leadership qualities and the incredible level of support he already has. This is not Sullivan’s race to lose – he has already lost. All over midtown illegally placed Sullivan signs are popping up like nasty zits, while Bridenstine’s are nearly all placed in residential and businesses.

Have you seen this sweet rolling campaign truck around? Its appearance has coincided with a flurry of television ads for Sullivan; strange that Sullivan has to resort to an air campaign, when it is Bridenstine who is the Air Force hero pilot! TEAM SULLIVAN HAS LOST THE GROUND WAR! He has been outflanked (the word ‘humiliation’ comes to mind when looking back at the anemic showing Sullivan had at the County convention).

If you are  a true blue Republican (I am an independent) you have a duty to Party, Country, and the Almighty to get Sullivan back full-time with his lovely family.


Written by thetulsan

May 22, 2012 at 11:43 am

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