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A Tulsa Cop wants to murder Tulsa Tough participants

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There was a time when all I wanted to do was illustrate what a neat place Tulsans live in, by putting pretty pictures and interesting videos on the net. I never tried to monetize this activity or get donations, it was all about the joy of it all. Of course that all has changed, but in the meantime here is a nifty video of the Tulsa Tough downtown race from a few years ago.

But to the point, a local cyclist and blogger last year posted an interesting item whereby he claimed to have taped one of our awful, abusive Tulsa pigs gleefully stating how much he would love to mow down the bicyclists and re-route their track. Now, that punk Jason Kearney has removed his blog entirely, including the incriminating post. Fortunately, I copied it entirely here. Maybe I am being harsh on Kearney, but this is literally a matter of life and death. Click on that read Mr. Kearney’s post. There is no mistaking what he heard and videoed.

For you outsiders, know this, Tulsa is just more crap like this all the time. This spoiled, narcissistic, boring, backwater bump on the road is a huge waste of time. Too many sheep per capita, combined with the most corrupt, wicked police in America equals a hamlet that hides its secrets, conceals its crime rates, botches investigations, burns informants, manipulates with propaganda, and inflates its ego beyond reason.

Tulsa is not tough. Tulsa is a town ruled by the wicked and their slavish pit demons, a horrible surprise, an awful nightmare in drag as good old fashioned mid-America.

So as interesting as competition bicycling may be, it really just boils down to hanging around downtown while the speeding Spandex tour goes whizzing by. Meh. Not my thing, but at least I do not want to kill them.


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