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#THEOUTSIDERS redux: YOUR children are not brats, Greasers

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In case you were wondering, I am not going to flay our local paid bloggers when they promote bullcrap online reviews that praise Tulsa and then ignore the bloggers’ reporting of information on spurious online rankings that cast dispersions on awful, awful Tulsa.

Here is the thing about that ‘’ survey, which ranks Tulsans as having the 15th most spoiled kids in America: kids in Tulsa are NOT spoiled as a general rule. Most kids are latchkey children who have two parents working dead-end jobs they hate in a place they are stuck at – if the so-called ‘brats’ are lucky enough to have an intact two-parent family, that is. They most likely live in a dumpy rental or crappy apartment, lucky to have a bicycle and some electronic game. THEN we have that upper-crust whose children drive brand-new or nearly-new cars, who have every gizmo and gadget and think they are morally superiour because their folks are well-to-do.

Lumping all kids into the spoiled camp is a wicked misdirection, and your pathetic local media just jumps in with ‘Yup, you Tulsans need to crack down on your kids, all of you’ when that is not the case at all. None of the bloggers excoriate for their sweeping generalization of Tulsans’ youth, or explore what happened to the website’s authors that led them to believe your children are spoiled. YOUR children are staring down the barrel of working every day at low-wage, dead-end jobs until the day they die, while the true spoiled children will never have to work a day in their lives. YOUR children will be lucky to afford to even care, while the elite prance around knowing they have their folks’ connections to land them the right school, internship, and jobs.

Worse yet is when status is derived from whether or not one is a ‘native’ Tulsan or not. Consider this: in any city of size, do you think anyone could get away with confessing that there is an ‘in-crowd’? Well, that is exactly what we have in this bastion of corruption and ‘insiders’.

So, no Tulsan, chances are YOUR child is not spoiled, but they are going to be bullied, derided, and mocked by the indolent punks of the old-school and nouveau rich lackeys whose children can do no wrong, who revel in their insider status. The only thing you Outsiders need to know about Tulsa is that the wicked, arrogant, and corrupt rule this place like any tyrant can. Tulsa is a bore at best, a garden plot in a cemetary at worse. Ugh! Outsiders: keep it that way!


Written by thetulsan

June 11, 2012 at 9:22 am

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