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“Darkies” for sale at fashionable South Tulsa antique mart (Cheap! $40!)

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And just to be clear, I am calling Jenks South Tulsa, and this wonderful piece can be yours for $39.00, NOT $40.

This is so typical of Tulsa, just a clutch of class-conscious snobs who think nothing of putting this racist kitsch out for sale. The seller knows it is old-fashioned racism, too, deflecting by pointing out the nice oval frame! The only worth of this stinker is its racism.

You Outsiders need to know this is not some dumpy flea market, but a collective in an upper-middle class to upper class antique district in Jenks, America. The kind of place retirees, country-club moms, and designers hang out on weekday afternoons, where prices are about twice as much on most items than Ebay, where shopping is a whimsical experience.

For our part, picked up a $6 book of Americana songs published in  1952. Lots of songs from de South and the War of Northern Aggression. Are those songs racist that are replete wid pre-ebonica? What of those Confederacy anthems and marching songs?  Should I remove them before impressionable eyes read them?

So maybe there is some gray area in presenting the ghastly glyph for sale, but probably not. Racism in Tulsa is as normal as apple pie.


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June 21, 2012 at 11:43 pm

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