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Tulsa fireworks display: another pass

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If you were considering coming into Tulsa for the ‘world-class fireworks display [I/O]’ for so-called ‘Independence Day,’ please watch this video:

Besides the nightmarish traffic, the lack of concessions or facilities, the concentration of drunken imbeciles, the display itself is not that much more than any of our surrounding ‘burbs. in 2009, a malfunction caused the fireworks to explode in one tremendous blast just a few minutes into the show. It was obvious that the show was over and one can here me say so on the video, yet the City let its drunken dummies in attendance sit there for a full fifteen minutes before letting them know the show was over.

For our part, I tried to tell as many people as possible that there had been an accident and that it was over, but the bleary-eyed idiots barely registered my words and as I looked back none had even budged. UGH! Too many years I deluded myself into imagining the fireworks were awesome; they were passable, but cheapened by the traffic, (lack-of) facilities, dirtiness, and concentration of low-brow idiots all sotted up on their crappy 3.2 beer.


Written by thetulsan

July 1, 2012 at 9:22 am

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