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Lying, Corrupt Tulsa Police K9 mauls child – not news until cellphone video surfaces

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So when the Vichy collaborator Fox23 blog and one of our corrupt, lying Tulsa Police get beaned with a firecracker on July 4 the story is IMMEDIATELY reported, not only in its own lying blog but also in the news on other news blogs too.

But when cellphone video is captured of an out-of-control police dog mauling a child at a popular crowded park on July 4 how long does it take for that story to surface? ONE WEEK! Interestingly, no other media bloggers have even reported on the incident. This means that the FAUX23 was probably given that video and they sat on it for an entire week!

So while you uniform-worshipping zombies let your corrupt, lying, criminal Fraternal Order of Police (FAT OLD PIGS) run amok this is what you can expect. Dogs mauling children in crowded parks while the dirty lying scumbag Tulsa Police put the kabosh on the story, and filthy dirty lying scum like FAUX23 holding onto video evidence of the assault until they are forced by public demand to release the video.

ALL the media bloggers reported on the evil Tulsa Police giving out suckers and certificates to helpful citizens, but none would even touch this outrage. Not even when innocent children are hurt will any of you stand up to the out-of-control vampires wearing their little tin badges.


Written by thetulsan

July 11, 2012 at 7:30 am

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  1. Well, it’s a terrible thing to hear even more so that the victim was a child, but really, nothing much surprises me anymore. At least not when you’re making reference to grievances, injustices, or even all out criminal behaviors carried out by The Blue Mob Squad; organized crime rings, conspiracies, may still be illegal (and for most fiction on the big screen), but that little piece of tin is a government sanctioned license to kill (literally), and with little to no concern of consequence or accountability, what is the saying.. “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
    I hate to say it but the old “Italian mafia”. (which, by the way, we are suppose to fear because they are “the bad guys”) have a real run for their money here, because watch the news this is hardly an isolated occurrence, and frankly, I think I’d feel safer with “The Family”. A run in with our fair and just TPD (the umbrella term includes TCSO), or BMS (or should it be MobBS, what say the people?), it’s a roll of the dice, maybe you’ll get a friendly advisement for your own safety, or maybe when you smile and fight the urge to scream/run/laugh simultaneously old Blue Tin over there is going to decide your on drugs, or maybe he’s just having a bad day/ needs the extra cash/ etc.. etc..,point is the next thing you know, you are facing 1+ felonies (depends on the cop/his thoroughness), thousands of dollars you’ll never get back irregardless of the outcome, you now have a criminal record for life, you may lose your job/your grant for school/housing/friends/family/YOUR CHILDREN.
    Lets pretend we’re lucky people, and money is not hard earned “lot te dah” and all that, nothing else on that list is replaceable, you cant ever fix it or make it okay, its a slow public destruction of your identity and then just for good measure they rip out your soul, meanwhile the MobBS out “flippin” the “evidence” for the “green dollah”, the COD or C-ya later, because maybe he prefers designer drugs, a lot of them are juicing these days, maybe he wants a nicer car or maybe hes just a pig.
    Still you’re probably better off than the tazed/tazed to death, the suddenly beaten to death or nearly so (its just a few surgeries and some nerve damage), left to starve/bleed to death, die from hypothermia/dehydration, be left in isolation/”forgotten” or “misplaced” within the incarcerating institution, publicly strip-searched/sodomized/raped (a growing popularity), or in any other way physically or sexually abused/maimed, Oh, and just a head scratcher, how many unarmed civilians were shot this past year, include the children, they face every bit of the abuse the adults do, mind you, that’s a very limited account of plausibiities from a first person perspective, but hey, they’ll look into it, an internal investigation and everything!
    Bad boys, bad boys, What ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you!?!

    Honestly I’d be more taken aback by the dog mauling or attempting to maul a child or adult, and hearing that the officer portrayed some level of heroics, intervention, responsibility, self-sacrifice.. . traits not characteristic of your garden variety narcissist/psychopath/sociopath, frankly, I believe we’ll see heroics (as defined above) exhibited by our neighborhood stripper and I imagine the pot dealer too, long before anyone from TPD/TCSO/MobBS/Blue TIN gets involved. They are much too busy with the multiplied propogation of our cities crime, ensuring the circle.
    Thats blind justice right? Setting up and creating illegal means in an illegal environment (entirely police facillitated), oh and the sorry sucker civilians that walk into that one, cause it doesnt matter that it use to be called entrapment, or that our keep the streets clean peace officers committed major felonies orchestrating everything, or that had they not put them selves in your path you wouldnt necessarily be where you are, they got you, they got you. They may even actually chant, always a boisterous occasion, bit heavy on the testosterone though, usually it’s more along the lines of unwarranted screaming, insults, think mad 8yr old boy, irrational jibes to add some heat to your sting.

    Bella Knightly

    January 25, 2014 at 3:07 am

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