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Col. Craig Roberts, once an eagle, now an ostrich

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This is exactly why I am reviled in so many circles and am anathema to Tulsans’ ‘in-groups’: I cannot help trash talking those with whom I should have political partnerships with.

Such is the case with ‘’ AKA Colonel Craig Roberts. This decorated and accomplished patriot resides right here in bad old stinky Tulsa, but have you ever heard of him? Unless one listens to the Alex Jones show, or attend them grassy knoll kind of seminars, probably not.

So the Colonel was on the Jones show yesterday, and Jones asked him about the recent case of a Tulsa woman who had her herb garden destroyed by our crappy City. Roberts rebutted by siding with the City – saying it was a weedy mess. That may be so but that does not explain the destruction of her fruit trees, and why the City did their dastardly deed when they knew she was not home. He also made the comment that people are either ostriches or eagles.

Small bones to chew, but what earthly good is it to wring one’s hands about the impending military-police takeover while his hometown is an absolute wicked police state?

As an officer he knows what leadership is all about. Has he taken any action to clean up his crappy hometown? Letters to the editor, speaking before the City Council, pressuring the Fraternal Odor of Police to clean up their act?

No disrespect meant but he is apparently content to just ride off into the sunset, grousing about things the individual cannot control while right in his backyard is a ‘target-rich’ environment for practical activism. I will say this for the ostriches of this world, they are a lot closer to the action than those who soar with eagles.


Written by thetulsan

July 13, 2012 at 12:58 pm

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