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‘Tulsa Police’ tagline mysteriously missing from collaborators’ blogs following ‘officer-related shooting’

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Following the death of some suspect in Tulsa overnight, Tulsans have a splendid opportunity to see how the propoganda matrix works right here in the police state of Tulsa.

Normally, if a cat is stuck in a tree or someone farts in a pool, your lazy media bloggers use the ‘Tulsa Police’ filler for their headlines: Instead of ‘Cat stuck in tree’ your collaborators in the media will tag it ‘Tulsa Police say Cat stuck in tree.’ They do this more on average than other similarly-sized burgs (and then we have the FAUX23 blog wringing its hands about Tulsans’ crime image ‘problem’, as if inserting our damnable police into every story is not impactful on that) to a point that is ridiculous.

But this is strange: ALL of the media bloggers (with one notable exception) refuse to say ‘Tulsa Police gun down suspect overnight,’ opting for the diffusive term ‘officer-related shooting.’

Here is the KTUL blog:

and the Tulsa World blog:

and the FAUX23 blog:

and the KJRH blog:

with the lone standout being the KOTV blog:

That the KOTV blog accurately described the shooting is remarkable. [UPDATE: WAS remarkable, now those lying liars are back on board and referring the death as ‘officer…’]

Whether this is related to laziness or an effort to cover for our worst-in-the-nation police, your local collaborator bloggers in the media just take whatever talking points our detestable police hand them and just run with it. Honest-to-Pete, if the TPD issued a statement saying UFO’s had landed in midtown your bloggers would publish that without one question.

Inserting the damnable words ‘Tulsa Police’ into headlines further legitimizes our corrupt, lousy pig herd, and reveals your local bloggers as the worthless schills they are for tyranny and injustice.


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  1. Tulsa police have gotten away with to much for To long.


    October 15, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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