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#REBIRTHOFANATION: What part of ‘well-regulated militia’ is hard to understand?

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Following the horrific murders in Colorado, the push for more gun control will be in full force. Gun enthusiasts are very concerned because of the event’s proximity to the United Nations’ so-called gun ban. Americans will be hunted down like dogs without unrestricted gun ownership, the fear goes, with the massacre in Colorado emphasizing the need for change. Obama said he would not sign the treasonous National Defense Authorization act and did, now he is saying he will implement the UN Treaty with or without legislative approval. Thanks to the loudest proponents of unrestricted gun ownership, he may garner enough support for his cause.
I am not questioning those who fear tyranny and chaos, but assert that unrestricted, unregulated, gun ownership is not helping our beleaguered nation one bit, indeed providing plenty of fear, chaos, and tyranny. In fact, this distortion of the Second is a major part of everything that is wrong with our nation. I submit that one reading of the Second compels every gun owner join a militia or a mutual-defense league with some other gun owners for the purpose or restoring order during times of civil unrest. Flooding the market with guns profits the munition makers and few others, ensuring disorder while promising to fix it with even more guns; a grand Hegellian dialectic.

I listen to three hours of Alex Jones’ broadcast a day, and the impression one gets is that between guns, food hoarding, energy production, and personal gardening, one’s family can exist as an island without any kind of mutual aid. This is in direct contrast to any civil emergency planning that can help our nation survive a decapitation event. The Federal government has its continuity of government plans, but ‘well regulated militias’ should be the next step in that process, not a state National Guard. The balance of power has shifted precipitously away from States; the National Guards are not the militias prescribed in the Constitution.
The building block for self-defense begins with gun owners able to respond to criminals, invaders, or over-reaching Federal authorities. How successful do you suppose those ‘lone rangers’ would be should we be invaded by a foreign army? How many have ever sought to perform coordinated maneuvers with their neighbors? Without that coordination the number of guns is meaningless.
Of course, coordination brings to mind lawless posses of vigilantes; so how do we advance to well-regulated? The first step is to prevent the tremendous abuse of power that municipalities have, and dissolve police departments and place the power of law enforcement in the county’s duly elected sheriff. Is that a good idea? A great idea? Does not matter because anything is better than what we have now.

Our Founding Fathers, imperfect as they may have been, would never believe how despotic, rapacious, and self-serving our government has become. The first step toward our current sad state of affairs is when the first policeman – not peace officer – is hired. King George’s armies did not have as much contempt for the citizenry as our police do. Every day finds police abuse of the most despotic kind from stinking rotting coast to stinking rotting coast. The New Civil War is not coming, it is already here. Vicious attacks on helpless citizens receive mild rebukes while any perceived slight can be assault on an officer, as if he or she is an absolute god.
So the establishment lives to have a nation of gun toting loners, because they are no threat to the State’s monopoly on power. America is dead dead dead, replaced with a prison industry that holds more people then any other nation – including failed Communist states. Gun rights activists give cover to this insane notion that anyone can own any gun without restriction; the resulting chaos allows the manufacturers the criminal market and, in response to lawless chaos, the worried individuals who arm themselves in response to the tide of violence.

Attempts to organize Constitutional militias are vilified because they challenge the corrupt police state’s power monopoly. The result is that the ‘cell’ of national civil defense is dead, with a predatory FEMA readying the camps. Oh what a great nation we were becoming! We came so close to being One for the ages, and now all is lost! You ‘bitter-clingers’ can only cling on so long before they come for you! Gas up and godspeed! Your rabid, full throated defense of a madman’s right to buy any gun and ammunition he wanted over the internet has ruined it all, all is lost because you refused to form well regulated militias and even now refuse this counsel.


Written by thetulsan

July 23, 2012 at 3:28 pm

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