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Well-to-do vampiric socialist Tulsans want to suck more of our substance

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From the Declaration of Independence:
“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

# # #

With the make-work taxation of Vision 2025 not even set to expire until 2016, the blood-sucking socialists who run roughshod over Tulsans are planning on cobbling the ‘regional’ economy with another $.29 retail tax on Tulsa County shoppers. The bizarrely-timed proposal will extend that teeny tiny little 1/3 of penny(x2) 13 years. Oddly, the current tax has four more years to go, so what is the hurry?

The original ‘vision’ was supposed to be a jump-start to ‘get things going,’ raising about $450,000,000 over eight years. This new behometh – which should be unnecessary if the original Vision had worked as advertised (attracted new business, kept the youth from fleeing, kickstarted investment) – will bleed about $700,000,000 out of shoppers over 13 years. Talk about not letting the camel gets its nose under the tent! Talk about switch and bait! Talk about eternal slaves to debt! Tulsa has grown an anemic 1% during the time period – this with a collapsing national economy and an entire cheerleading section led by wicked, collaborators in the local media hyping how great Northeast Oklahoma is. The single element of Vision2025 that was designated to help employment – a hangar for that wretched American Airlines – did not even come into play when American considered closing their maintenance facility. Thirty million dollars OR SO down the drain, and now that element is the cornerstone for this new confiscation.

The gift – the tax – to the criminal bankers and corrupt construction companies and consulting companies and public relations whores was touting as promoting ‘regionalism,’ but was really about that damned Arena downtown. The City loses at least two ways. This is bad for City Tulsans because the City would garner $268,000,000 over the 13 years while the so-called ‘Vision2’ tax will raise $146,000,000 – a loss of 46%. Catch that? Your failing Republican County and City leaders want to spread the wealth around to its County competitors, and for no good reason. Oh and they want that guarantee NOW, by the way! They actually want the wretched City of Tulsa to donate to the burgeoning ‘burbs!

Secondly, remember that the whole Delphi ‘visioning’ process was to settle the issue once and for all, hailed by All as a model of community organizing – to Finally Do Something, but in the end it was just about sticking the City of Tulsa with an Arena. Mayor Dewey and the suckling Council having a few hastily-scheduled open-mic night at a few libraries is anything but ‘Delphi’-esque. This is ‘sit down and shut up because this is what we’re gonna do and if you don’t like it you are off the team’ kind of approach. At least with the mind-screw of the mythical ‘visioning,’ the process was deliberative, just a bunch of dreamers dreaming of a utopian Tulsa in the distant future of 2025.

The nation’s phoney economy is in the balance, and the banksters are desperate for cash infusion. They are laundering our tax dollars to cover losses elsewhere, in my opinion. The City will lose money on this deal for twenty years, but the loan ‘money’ comes through immediately. The banksters who handle this account will be paid dozens of millions more or less immediately. Nice work if you can get it.

So, no, Tulsans should not vote for this, but, then, Tulsans are used to being run over and abused and asking for more. Well not me. I do not care if it passes because I would love to think I could be relocated by 2016. Ready to leave. It is a wonder to behold, this Socialist Republic of The Chamber of Tulsa! Owned by the bankkkers and leveraged to the hilt!


Written by thetulsan

August 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm

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