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#UNHAPPYLABORDAY! American workers in the trailer park of civilized nations

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This infographic caught the blogworld by storm over the last few months, and deserves a final hurrah as one of the harshest summers in history has more Americans than ever wishing they had a place to work 40+! And those fortunate to have employment are less happy than ever at their work, maybe because they are earning far less than previous generations, and are living in the trailer park of civilized nations!

We could have our lives back, recover civility and decency if we were not in eternal debt to the banking cartels. Our nation did just fine close to one and half centuries of our short, blazing existence, without that debt, but the trillions we are told we owe is mathematically impossible to ever pay down! All those numbers are going to get worse, not better, unless something changes.

The title of the graphic from Failblog is “epic fail photos monday thru friday what was that office space dvd cover line again”! An Easter Egg from the programm


Written by thetulsan

August 27, 2012 at 10:22 pm

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