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#UNCIVILWAR: Marvin Blades Jr. deserves the death penalty

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As does every single police officer caught abusing the God-given trust ignorant municipalities have placed in them for securing the citizens’ Constitutional rights. These wicked pestules of wickedness should be considered innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt, for sure, and then they should be shuffled off this world to God’s Judgment. There is a civil war in America, a hot war, not imagined or conjectured, that the Police State is waging on Americans, and it is only going to get worse. No punishment is too great or extreme for those who are sworn to uphold the law and our divinely-inspired Constitution.

To catch you lucky non-Tulsans up on things: Marvin Blades, Jr., a veteran Afro-American police officer was arrested after a MONTHS-LONG investigation into allegations he was stealing cash from Hispanics during traffic stops. He was literally robbing poor Hispanics at the point of a gun under color of law and how many would complain? Hard to say, but this is clearly just the tip of he iceberg.

This blog gets a fair amount of traffic from foreign countries, and you people need to hear this: America has devolved into a third world nation, a despotic police state, a zombie culture that worships death and oppression. There are no checks on the abuse of rights, no hope of justice, and no end in sight. The American dream is a nightmare populated by abusive, piggish thugs.

Remember Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when government fears the people there is liberty.” Right now you have no rights, no guarantees of protection against abuse and degradation afflicted by the wicked police who exist because of their vampiric claim on the hard-earned wages of taxpayers.

I first realized something was amiss with Tulsa’s piggish police when none other than Marvin Blades Jr. responded to my complaint of being assaulted by a tree contractor after the Great Ice Storm. I blogged about it, called the media, to no avail. He and another responding officer literally laughed at me with the assailant, refused to even make a report.

Turns out ‘Mr. Falls’ aka Eric Eckard of Ohio has had at least one violent encounter on his record, in which he chased some poor kid for miles after the kid backed into his trash cans. Eckard pursued the youth – at speeds close to 100mph – to his school, smashed the kid’s windshield, and threatened to kill him. This would have been easily discoverable if the piggish Blades had done any sort of check. A check would also have revealed no similar incidents in my past. The least they could have done would not to have been joking with my assailant. But nope not Blades and his pig partner.

What was worse is Eckard made it a point of trolling through my Brookside neighborhood almost daily, and placing his signs solely around my neighborhood. Think this was an honest businessman? He skipped town after several months, leaving equipment behind. Wonder if he paid his bills or how many people he intimadated before leaving town? However many, those potential incidents did not need to happen, but were made possible by two lazy sons of bitches who refused to do their jobs.

So when last year I was the victim of police abuse at the hands of Tulsa Police Officer James Tornberg, prosecutorial misconduct at the hands of David Shapiro and Robert Gardner, and the victim of a despicable Judge Hoffmesiter, I was not surprised, really. The incident opened my eyes, and caused no small measure of emotional pain. I no longer trust that America is a beacon of freedom in the world – it has devolved into a despicable police state like a third-world banana republic. Tulsa’s cops are among the worse in the nation, and are a discredit to truth, justice, and the (old) American way.

The only thing that can save us, the only thing, is that when police act like pigs and are caught red-handed the retribution should be as severe as it can be. They need to walk every step in holy fear of doing the wrong thing and ready to absolutely destroy any among them who abuse their sacred trust. I understand the death penalty – as administered by a lawful court, upon review by a jury of peers, with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty – will not be enforced, but it should be considered.


2 Responses

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  1. Bitch shut the fuck up! you are totally ignorant for this stupid blog…..

    nanee jeffers

    September 4, 2012 at 12:40 pm

  2. [PORTIONS REDACTED] Well add Officer Don Deramus to the list; for his preferences in ******* “*******” (to such an obscene degree a child could point it out), the sickening joy with which he”ll write up his “fantasy story”, (his choice of words, most of us are more familiar with the term “police report”), the fact that he is fully willing to set up and arrange to illegalli invade a private residence, knowingly make wrongful arrests complete with loud derogatory expletives (in full view of small children), going so far as to announce his intention to not only enable a seperation of minor children and their sole guardian but to actively create a scenario leading to a permanent dissolution, these were people already burdened by the many faceted conflicts, stressers, and struggles of an ongoing domestic abuse situation (stalker), these were also people without known drug histories, no criminal records, again the officer had brought to his attention the reality of abuse, the childrens therapy would have been documented, or perhaps the panic and maniacle screaming of the children at the mention of the abuser and his all too convieniant time to drop by, freely entering a previous “safe zone” there were no phonecalls to DHS or to anyone, just a very rough looking individual, claiming to be someone, no proof because there wasn’t any, no birth certificate (cause he wasn”t on it), there had never been a paternity, just him in all his filth (admittedly homeless). Officer Deramus takes it upon himself to decide “what was best for the children”, unwilling to even take down the number of a nearby relative he sends two minor children out the door with a penniless homeless man without coats or shoes, no toothbrush or snuggle toy, meanwhile PCG was hauled downtown on bogus felony charges on evidence that was either never there, planted, or some such, of course your pal Tim Harris, and one of my best mates Sue Nigh were all hot over this one, and actually added the charge of neglect, based upon the pretense of the bogus arrest, not to Don Deramus who willfully endangered, neglected, caused insurrmountable emotional damage to the already fragile, but also released them to an unknown homeless man whom they obviously feared, but to the nevere been in trouble before PCG who until the residential ambush and following “fantasy stories” had managed incident free for the previous 8yrs. Some justice, Deramus arrogantly perjured himself in the stand like they all do, he seemed to have lost or misplaced his cliff notes though, and did not do the state justice. I will openly commend Judge Caputo, for being surprisingly just, the bogus charges were dismissed, but what about the financial burden of representation, not that a lawyer isnt worth their pay, or that liberty has a price, but when its the cost of a wrongful arrest and prosecution…. The legal struggle continues though, even though the precedence for the neglect charge was dismissed, the DA is taking it to trial, and as to date, as Deramus had wildly proclaimed the familial dissolution has not been resolved. Its been a year. I can’t even pretend to understand the sort of beast that would gather joy from the spread of such discord, but I’ve learned over time monsters are real, even so.. the kids, why would someone put the kids thru that, any of them, the low-life abuser father, the TPD, the DA, the DHS.. how is any of this bettered or been better for the kids at any point of the past/present/future? Can I in equal measure charge each of those agencies with the crime of neglect?
    Long story short Deramus is a dirty seedy cop known for ******* and abusing his authority. He’s a state sanctioned low-life criminal for hire. Ya know, he has two small kids at home, I wonder if he ever contemplates that while destroying peoples lives?
    I notice Sheriff Glanz has already recieved recognition, let’s not leave off Leighton Boyd or Deputy Ruskowski, always good for an illegal, or an “unofficial” tracking/observation but on official time, invented reasons for official conact, knowingly and willfully placing someone under wrongful arrest and then falsifying police reports to make everything pretty and substantiate the outrageous charges, then just lying their pretty little pants on and right back off the stand, let me ask >> HEY! Tim Harris, what happened to the new you lie you die policy TPD was adopting to reinstill faith in the community after the federal corruption charges? << That guy I swear, he can really candy coat some bullshit.
    For the record all these fellows work on the good ole boy system, for the right price and they each have their own right price, they are for hire, like most "Tulsa Officials", whats the saying.. "Money doesn't spend in hell, the devil deals in a different coin."

    Luna Tiefling

    January 25, 2014 at 9:23 am

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