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This is not what I want to do. I do not enjoy this or planned on having so many posts dedicated to Tulsa’s wicked police department. The political scene, yes, ribbing the foibles in the media, yes, highlighting the weirdness in Tulsa, absolutely, but obsessing over the miscreant piggish police in my adopted hometown, not so much.

Being victimized and subject to false arrest, brutality, torture, perjury, and false prosecution has a dramatic effect on the soul, though, sort of how heat stroke makes one more heat sensitive subsequently. So when the bloggers at Fox23 actually depart from the script to follow by the TPD with the headline ‘Damage control after TPD arrests officer’, my attention was piqued.

Despite Chief Jordan’s assertion, ‘fellow cops’ did not turn Blades in, as Fox23 admits: ‘When the complaints started back in August, 2011, TPD first thought it was dealing with someone impersonating an officer. But in photo lineups, victims continued to identify Officer Marvin Blades Jr. as the man who stole their cash. When internal affairs investigators began watching Blades in June, 2012, they saw him pulling over Hispanic drivers in the same area, which was outside his patrol beat.’

This is in direct contrast to what the detestable KJRH blog reports: ‘Tulsa police chief Chuck Jordan credited other officers for alerting his office to Blades. “They did the right thing. They did exactly what our community expects of them,” said Jordan.’

Chief Jordan appears to – in my opinion based on these snippets of a lengthy newser, no doubt – be misleading Tulsans, if not outright lying! And you are just going to let him!

KRMG gladly repeats this ‘lie.’ Message received, two sources. Any reporter would want to know more about the lead-in to the arrest. How many complaints did the State have to hear before the local, wicked jurisdiction of DA Tim Harris, Sheriff Glanz, and the detestable Police were circumvented?

Further, the arrest report admits Blades was armed with a Glock. Why is the model of the gun pertinent but the fact that he was not charged with armed robbery not even discussed? Also, this was clearly a racially-motivated crime, and yet the awful awful TPD’s history of racism within its ranks is not discussed. The problem was so bad the Feds had to intervene to protect minorities’ rights. Did they let you off the leash a little soon? Finally, the facts of who actually arrested the criminal are obscured.

Tulsa deserves better from its police and its media, but will not get either. There is an information war of propaganda being waged, and for the first time this is actually admitted in the paid media, parlor gossip for the Insiders and accidentally leaked online.

For what is worth, good for Fox23 for calling it right this once.


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