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KRMG vs Tulsa World vs Fox23: Did Victory Christian conceal details of 13-year old’s rape or not?

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A 13 year old allegedly raped by a 19 year old custodian of Victory Christian Center informed youth pastors that something happened a few days after the alleged event, of which said pastors kept to themselves. Case closed but for the ‘report’ stating that it was ‘believed’ the girl’s clueless parents were told a few days after the event, right after she went to the church’s staff. Why was that ‘believed’? Did someone at Victory issue a false claim or did the officer just do what Tulsa Police do and just make stuff up?

Why was the media so eager to pin a ‘coverup’ on the whole of Victory when it was a few individuals who did not act properly, but are quick to isolate evildoers in our wicked police department as ‘bad apples’ or exceptions to the rule? Their was no ambiguity or hedging in the anti-Victory sentiment in your lying media, and I hope Victory keeps this in mind: the World hates Christ, hates anyone or anything that lifts Him up, and will do anything to destroy those who do. The shameful rush to judgment by peddlers of filth, lies, and degradation against an institution that has done so much to help so many for so long is typical of Tulsa’s wicked media.

Either way, the ignorant waif had been exchanging sexually charged ‘sexts’ with her accused rapist, and refused to talk to her parents. No 19 year old should ever, ever consider a pubescent girl fair game, but then parents should not be shocked SHOCKED when their little snowflake acts out trampily and does not trust or talk with them.

If Victory Christian Center, Inc. committed crimes, then the police or District Attorney should file charges. Until that happens, the media celebration of Victory’s missteps is a shame on them.

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Conflicting reports regarding the alleged rape of a 13-year-old at Victory Christian Center August 13 cast a confusing, conflicting shadow on the venerated megachurch.

FOX23’s reporter advances the issue with ‘Alleged victim’s mom asks why church waited to report rape.’ First, how is the rape only ‘alleged’ but the accusation of a delay accepted as fact? Second, why does
FOX23 seek aggressive reporter footage based on this allegation? Third, why are the proven liars on the TPD not suspected of foot-dragging?

KRMG reports on the controversy, as well, basking in the refusal of Victory to get into details. Their story references two separate reports, the arresting report and the booking report, bouncing back and forth while interjecting the accusation that the Church did nothing to alert parents or authorities of the matter.

This would be a fairly clear-cut case of some kind of negligence except for the Tulsa World story on the matter clearly states:

‘Chris Denman, 19, is being held in the Tulsa Jail on complaints of first-degree rape and oral sodomy of a minor, according to the arrest report.

It is believed that on Aug. 15 the girl disclosed the incident to another person, who then notified her parents, the report states.

‘The report states’ would be fairly conclusive evidence that Victory or someone else notified the parents on the 15th, which is implied, or the blogger at the World does not know how to read. If the report does not state that the parents were alerted shortly thereafter, one may question how the World’s intrepid staff missed that relatively huge aspect of the story.

The alleged attacker is identified as Chris Denman, 19.

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Even the Tulsa World is confused about the circumstances of the alleged sexual crimes being reported at megachurch Victory Christian Center sometime last month.

In its latest confusing article, the World headlines ‘Police say…’ that Victory did not report the incident until August 30 – two weeks after the supposed assault took place. The blogger notes ‘Police were informed Aug. 30 and conducted a forensic interview with the girl the next day, an arrest report says.’

This is confusing because in an earlier iteration, the World blog said ‘It is believed that on Aug. 15 the girl disclosed the incident to another person, who then notified her parents, the report states.’

How many reports are there? Why is the earlier so-called ‘fact’ of the parental notification on the 15th not repeated in the latest blog entry? The answer to that is in the headline: ‘Police say…’ For whatever reason, our detestable police are wanting to convict Victory of some crime when it is not clear any crime has been committed in the first place.

What is clearly stated and cannot be retracted down the memory hole is the World’s blog entry where it clearly states the parents were notified by Victory, per ‘the report.’ Is this an error by the World’s blogger or a deliberate attempt to conceal Victory’s activity of notifying the

Did Victory ‘officials’ tell investigators they told the parents and that is why the report states ‘believed to have told the parents’?


Written by thetulsan

September 11, 2012 at 10:33 am

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