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Rhema lights still the best Christmas thing going here in Pottersville, but who really cares?

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I have not been posting much here because posting information online about Tulsa is no longer fun or interesting, and I have so little free time that until I figure out another angle to blogument from there is a strong repulsion from putting content out there. Up until April, 2011, I was a serious Tulsa booster, ready to promote and say laudatory things about Tulsa. Of course, that all changed after I was almost killed when I was rear-ended by a texting driver, then falsely arrested, tortured, and perjured against by a fine outstanding member of your wicked Tulsa Police Department. That all has the same effect of having your beloved wife introduce you to her boyfriend who beats you up, pees on you, then sends you a bill.

Blogging about Tulsa news is now basically like using the last name of your abusive spouse long after the marriage is over. I promoted Tulsa unashamedly for over a decade and for what? To be victimized and to know that my abusers are not held to account while a good chunk of my soul is destroyed to never be restored. Every perusal of news stories is a reminder of how wicked Tulsa is. So, no, I do not feel inclined to post here very often. I tried to brush it off and try to move forward like nothing happened but I cannot. The injustice is too great and the damage too real to just pretend like nothing happened.

This is not to say I am not thankful for all I have, because I am so thankful, so grateful and blessed. But, again, I cannot continue business as usual. Until justice is served I can only tell you that Tulsa is ruled by wicked people and populated for the most part by cowardly, self-centered zombies. Just like the rest of America. Tulsa is not special and in most ways worse than many places in this once great nation. There are not a few bad apples, there are only a few good people left. Most of us that are awake are just lying in bed, Like the rest of America things are changing and the genteel, polite Tulsa of yesterday is a complete and utter fiction. Everyone feels it and senses the Change but wants to pretend everything is normal, at best, and worse yet are those who are mesmerized by all the diabolical diversions available to us. The overwhelming majority of people are giggling facsimiles of adults enslaved to perpetual infantility, adult children at war with their own children for toys and attention.

Wherever you are do not even consider moving to Tulsa or even visiting here. Take your chances anywhere else before coming to this pussboil of corruption and evil. BUT if you must be here for the blessed Christmas season, spend some time out at Rhema in Broken Arrow. The millions of lights and vibe and unadulterated non-commercialization of their light show is a breath of fresh air and more than worth the drive.

PROTIPS FOR RHEMA: 1. Avoid the incredibly long line of cars by entering through the back. 2. Bring something to sit on.


Written by thetulsan

December 3, 2012 at 9:56 am

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