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#SAMEOL’SAMEOL’ 2013: Dawn of a grand, new occultic Age

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Sure the New Year is no longer new, about five percent over as of this writing, but we pajama journalists – and I do a serious disservice to ‘real’ pajama journalists by adding my self to that august body – do not have the same deadlines as paid media shills.

Of course last year brought the dreaded 2012 Mayan doomsday nonpocalypse, but that was apparently just a precursor to the year 2013. Yes dear reader you have reason to fear this year as well, because for the occultist last year was the dawn of the New Age, this year we get to experience the light of this new, Luciferian day.

Whether or not there is anything to all this is really besides the point, for the same reason the esoteric beliefs of the chef should not affect the food he prepares for you (unless he spits in the chowder or prepares it with essence of newt). The problem is that the Luciferians conceal themselves in varieties of umbrella organizations which can advance their agenda without revealing their true identity. The membership of these ‘holding’ organizations are by and large unaware of the bigger plan; the server may have no reason to suspect that the chef is poisoning the food or that the profits go toward some criminal purpose.

This becomes important because these holding groups are able to act in concert with others controlled by the same organization but able to deny collusion. The old fashioned word for this is racketeering, or conspiracy. Proving these connections is difficult at least and virtually impossible most of the time. Further, one person’s conspiracy is another’s Interagency Task Force – the difference being the laws related to open meetings versus the dictums of The Good Old Boys Club. The public face of an organization is one thing, its hidden agenda and purposes being something entirely different. It is virtually impossible to discern the hidden purpose of a public action, and even when there is very good reason to be suspect conspiracy impossible still to develop an actionable hypothesis.

So, while Fast and Furious is most definitely a criminal conspiracy to aid and abet Mexican gangs – to the point of having US law enforcement murdered – nothing is done, and that is an easy example. In wretched Tulsa, the fact Vision 2 was proposed out of thin air, while the existing tax still had four years left, and done so without any of the initial stakeholders, may seem suspicious; that this was announced weeks before the Federal Reserve announced its decision to buy billions of worthless municipal bonds.

Obviously the local bankers saw the opportunity to make somewhere in the vicinity of one hundred million dollars and used the last successful tax increase as a premise for selling those bonds to the Fed. Is there criminal activity there? Tough to prove outright but simple to surmise that machinations were made between the private interests promoting the tax and the public officials responsible for proposing this tax. Did these efforts suborn the law? We will never know because the public face of the effort – the elected officials – are protected by their political affiliations while the secret or unseen proponents are protected by their anonymity. Are private entreaties to act, even without promise of payment, criminal? Are those private interests friends of the politicians? Donors? Members of the same fraternal organizations? Again, we will never know and even if we did proving a conspiracy is impossible without hard evidence.

So with the dawn of this new age of enlightenment the esoteric impulses of its adherents may be acted upon without these actors taking credit: the reward for whatever act taken on behalf of creating the new order is in the result, not in proclaiming responsibility. This is akin to performing a surgery on a patient which the surgeon deems beneficial for the patient but to which the patient does not consent; remember the thousands of sterilizations performed on American Indians for decades. Those with the power to do so will certainly act in the shadows to achieve an end, either for personal gain or, if exposed, claim the common good.

Thus the world finds itself ruled by an elite group of Luciferrians determined to bring the enlightenment of this New Age to the globe via their New World Order. This is really bad news because the occultist believes in blood sacrifice, the indisputable right of the powerful to rule unchallenged, and in their duty to remain concealed.

So will 2013 be a normal year (whatever that is) or will there be some cataclysm on a grand order which requires some massive societal change? Will there be an epidemic or massive public health crisis? Will there be a domestic act of terrorism so terrible that Marshall law is ordered? Will the economy tank so horribly that social unrest heretofore unseen causes chaos? Will the asteroid approaching this December create widespread panic? Will the long-threatened war with Iran create World War Three?

Whatever happens know that God Almighty is in control, not you or the government. All you can do is be ready for the unexpected, and do not be afraid of being labeled if something paradigm shifting occurs and you question the official story.


Written by thetulsan

January 13, 2013 at 10:05 am

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