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#Poohsnaps was a thing, but now it it is not

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Thursday was a tragic day for Tulsans as the craze, the phenomenon, the juggernaut of entertainment known as Zoanette Johnson from Tulsa was voted off the worse season – or best, depending on how you feel about Honey Boo-boo – of American Idol.

Wednesday’s spirited rendition of What’s Love Got To Do With It was her least awful performance yet, and had the wild crooner strutting about the stage with confidence. But with only five spaces remaining the fluke selection of Zoanette had only so much gas left in the tank, and this trip from T-town took her farther than it did for hundreds of thousands of other contestants.

Even with the loyal support of her ‘poohsnaps,’ the flagging stalwart of competition shows could not muster enough ‘vote for the worse’ interest to keep the Tulsan in the mix. So with one final, sad sigh, America said goodbye to Zoanette. Will she return to Tulsa to resume a singing career, or will we see her next shouting at some unsuspecting slob at Reasors, in all her wild glory?

The larger question is whether her longevity was a sign of the end for Idol, or the cause. While Fox mulls over what to do, they may consider Fox23’s inexplicable snub of Johnson. With a local gyrl in the nationally televised show, KOKI resolutely refused to publish a single story on her fleeting rise to glory. If this is the norm for their affiliates, to ignore local tie-ins to the network’s flagship show, it is no wonder the show is tanking. One could easily take Fox23’s mean spirited snub as tacit acknowledgment that the show’s integrity is suspect, that Johnsons candidacy was a joke designed to drum up interest, a desperate gambit for ratings than a serious singing competition. With so many former contestants contending that the show’s outcome is rigged, Zoanette’s inclusion to the final rounds seems to signify their truthfulness.

Was Fox23 just being lazy? Were they jealous? Afraid to draw attention to the shenanigans for fear of exposing Idols secret? Racist for ignoring the big loud black woman while publishing two stories on that sweet white sixteen year old with Cystic Fibrosis who lasted one third as long as Zoamette?

Obviously the answer is ‘all of the above.’ So farewell Zoanette, we barely knew thee. Good luck, and maybe you will end up somewhere where the people actually care about a local gyrl fighting the odds.


Written by thetulsan

March 9, 2013 at 1:18 pm

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