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Justin Bieber thought he could play you Tulsans like chumps

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Was the hottest pop star in history in T-town recently? He was? Really? How about that! Totally missed that.

Yes, he was, and apparently he was quite the punk. The wild child would not be dissuaded by Oklahoma’s liquor laws, and was giving the crew at the Mayo quite the hard time. The demands started early in the morning and continued until ohhhhhh about three thirty AM!

The Beeb missed a critical aspect of his quest, neglecting to ask CHICKS for help. The dudes were just not willing to risk jail time for the rapidly-getting-weirder heartthrob. No one told him that his schtick does not work on guys! And does he only roll with children? Surprising that he does not have a goto man for his booze like he does for his smokey-smoke?

His peeps also forgot to tell him that marijuana – aka Mary Jane, weed, reefer – is still quite illegal everywhere in ‘America’ except for Colorado and Washington states. Unclear exactly what transpired on this front except that the Mayo’s stick-in-the-mud management had some words with Beebs about all this rank smoke billowing out of his suite.

Will Beiber find it in his heart to forgive this wretched backwater of banality the outrage of not being liquored up? How powerful is his addiction to the wicked weed? Was this his final visit?


Written by thetulsan

March 15, 2013 at 10:23 am

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