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Deeeeep Background: Why the ‘Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed’ video resonates – and how that is a bad thing.

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The slaughter of innocents is a traumatizing event, and in the search for answers it is normal to enter the grieving process of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Conspiracy theories are forms of denial and bargaining, a way of holding at bay that which has happened in a halo of unreality. The days following a horrific event are critical in establishing the official narrative about the event, placing blame, forming a plan of action, absorbing the loss, and finally moving into a new reality.

Only days removed from the nightmare at Sandy Hook, the narrative has been dominated by misinformation and disinformation. In particular, the YouTube video Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed has gone viral, with approximately 10M views. Espousing outlandish theories while blending in real points of inquiry, the video has created a false choice between accepting the official narrative and being accused of being a wild-eyed conspiracy nut.

The video is a sprawling collection of out-of-context snippets, out of date information from the earliest moments of the event, and outlandish claims about the victims. In terms of uncovering an actual conspiracy – if one exists – this video has been devastating. In a world where reality and fiction are oft blended together, the pseudoreality of media reporting is more distrusted than ever; in a time when government demands entry into our pants at a moment’s notice and continually lie and betray our trust; and when social media garners as much or more traffic as broadcast news, it is not hard to see how such a video can go viral and influence perception of not only the event, but the very nature of skeptical investigation.

Let us to sift through the claims of Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed, using historical analysis of similar events for reference, and to develop points of legitimate inquiry. This is not a journey for the timid or simple-minded, or those who may want the sources all nicely hyperlinked. Enter at your own risk.


The killer came from the small community of Newtown. The twenty-something old had a significant mental defect that led him to live a fairly isolated life, and little or no firearms training. Yet, at the end of one fateful day, would be accused of the systematic murder of dozens. In the immediate aftermath, pre-written legislation was enacted, resulting in the removal of close to one million firearms from a traumatized nation. Five years following the ban, violent crime rose 42%, and murder by firearms was at its highest level. Robberies rose 6%, while rapes rose 30%. Police were granted sweeping powers for no-warrant searches for firearms in the heat of the moment. One such raid leading to the death of a beloved national icon.

This is not a fictional description of America five years after the heinous murders in Sandy Hook, but the events in Australia following the infamous 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia. 28 year old Martin Bryant is accused of murdering 35 people on April 28, 1996 and injuring 12 others. Apprehended alive, there ultimately was no trial as he plead guilty after being told that failure to do so would lead to the suicides of his mother and sister. A steady drum-beat for gun-surrender gave way to a 90% support for gun control, and in the Draconian sweeps that followed it was non other than Paul Ansell who stood his ground, the Original Crocodile Dundee, dying in a shootout with police as they came for his guns.

In the rush for conclusion of the matter, Bryant, who has an IQ of 66, was quickly identified as the culprit and the public accepted the government’s version of events without question. But questions quickly arose. Bryant, who had no firearms training, was able to perform a mass shooting with skill, accuracy, and an efficiency that few elite paramilitary could. In the crowded Broad Arrow Café – by the Aussie Government’s own report – Bryant murdered 12 people in 15 seconds, nine with single head shots from a distance of over twelve feet. Shooting from the right hip, Bryant was unfazed by the Colt AR-15’s modest recoil, though he was left-handed. With a killed-to-injured ration of 1.6:1, the retarded man with no weapons experience performed with an accuracy that places him in the upper echelon of combat shooters.

Four minutes before the shooting, the two police officers stationed at the historic tourist location had radioed dispatch that they were on the other side of the Tasmanian peninsula, on a wild hunt to investigate a stash of jarred flour that was made to appear to be a hoard of heroin. Emergency procedures indicated that bridges leading from the site here to have been closed off but, with the officers away and unable to render assistance or follow through on those procedures, numerous suspects and witnesses left the area unscreened as a hostage siege developed in a nearby bed and breakfast between Bryant and authorities.

By the end of the rampage, 35 lay dead and 23 injured. One of the most effective mass-murderers in history never went to trial, no witnesses were sworn in to give testimony, as Bryant plead guilty after the police told him his mother and sister were going to commit suicide if he did not. Both guns supposedly used in the rampage were never tested for matching the bullets used, as both inexplicably had their firing pins and rifling destroyed by defective bullets.

This event has not produced a wild-eyed viral video questioning the events, but dozens of carefully laid out lines of questions by former police, military officers, investigative journalists, and pajama journalists alike. And, yet, now that the official narrative has been planted in the public’s mind there will be no independent investigation. It appears that some Special Operations Group planned and executed the murders at Port Arthur to save the lives of hundreds of Australians who otherwise would have died by suicide, murder, or accident at the end of gun barrels.


The Port Arthur massacre is just one of paradigm-changing events fraught with glaring inconsistencies, misinformation, and notable omissions. JFK, MLK, RFK, Reagan’s assassination attempt, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Columbine, the Oklahoma City bombing, and of course September 11 could all be explored for trends and anomalies that speak to some kind of cover-up. Typing those keywords plus the word ‘conspiracy’ into an internet search engine will produce more results than can be explored in a month of Sundays.

The underpinning factor with all these events is the growth of the secret intelligence capacity of government to perpetuate paradigm changing events. In fact, President Eisenhower warned us of this in his farewell address, the former Supreme Allied Commander who conquered Europe warning a surging nation drunk with its dominance of the rise of a military-industrial complex whose rule would fundamentally change the American way of life. Not a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist blogging in his pajamas, but the most powerful man in the world at the height of his power warning us that America would soon be unrecognizable.

Perhaps Eisenhower was recoiling against the government utilizing former Nazi scientists and the results of their inhuman scientific research. Maybe his Jehovah’s Witness background made him innately skeptical of the established order and their proscriptions for society. Could be he disagreed with the machinations the secret government were planning for the Cold War and a post-Cold War world.

One such machination was Operation Gladio, ostensibly a plan to destabilize regimes behind the Iron Curtain by stay-behind armies that would commit sabotage and terror acts, and to defame leftist groups in the so-called free world by committing acts in their name. In fact, Operation Gladio operatives were implicated in 1969’s Milan massacre which killed 16, the 1980 Bologne bombings which killed 85, a supermarket shooting in 1985 in Belgian that killed 28; links to Gladio operations in France, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland were discovered and though the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Gladio in 1990 and requested a formal investigation, none has been conducted.

But these are historic artifacts, it could be argued, the bones of victims of some past conflict that no longer exists. What then of Operation Fast and Furious? Undertaken by the Obama administration, the operation’s goal was to ‘run’ guns into Mexico so that in the ensuing chaos America’s immoral gun laws would be challenged. The chaos that ensued included the murder of at least one American law enforcement officer and the murder of unknown hundreds or thousands of Mexicans.

The President’s administration conducted a terrorist act against a friendly neighbor, against itself, with the purpose of subverting the Constitution and not only has nobody been punished, the President was rewarded with reelection. Barely two years after its implementation, it is if Operation Fast and Furious never happened, and soon those who claim it did will be branded lunatics and wild-eyed conspiracy theorists.


If the sands of time can easily swallow something that is, in real terms, a current event, another secret operation began over fifty years ago can quickly become the stuff of ancient mythology. One such artifact is the CIA’s MK Ultra program, which sought to create a class of mind-controlled assassins, unknowingly activated by code words to perform highly specific acts of murder and mayhem.

Fifty years ago the most powerful computers in the world took the entire office floors of tubes and gear which had the computing power of today’s throwaway microchips. The most advanced psychotropic drugs acted with the specificity of hammers compared with today’s medications. Information was transmitted over-the-air on scrambled frequencies, the equivalent of carrier pigeons compared with today’s digital universe. Televisions were passive recipients of these waves, now they are equipped with microphones and face-sensing technologies, offering real-time feedback on your location, activities, and sending that back for retrieval at some later time.

But when MK Ultra or its derivative Operation Monarch were created, the only tools were flashing lights, the newly discovered compound LSD, sleep deprivation, and long sessions of brain washing. At its height, hundreds of university professors were enrolled, and an unknown number of subjects were experimented on.

Five years after MK Ultra came to light, the United States Senate investigated the program through the Church Hearings. A House select Committee on the CIA’s activities produced a report that was censured by the full House and the Ford Administration and has never seen the light of day. Representative Otis Pike, who chaired the inquiry, said ‘Oh, they think it is better not to know,” Pike replied. “There are too many things that embarrass Americans in that report. You see, this country went through an awful trauma with Watergate. But even then, all they were asked to believe was that their president had been a bad person. In this new situation they are asked much more; they are asked to believe that their country has been evil. And nobody wants to believe that.”

One year following these investigations, a string of domestic bombings occurred which injured 23 and killed 3, coming to an end in 1995 when a bizarre hermit named Ted Kaczynski was caught and prosecuted for them. A child genius, Ted enrolled in Harvard at aged 16 and came under the persuasion of Dr. Henry Murray, one of the leading researchers into MK Ultra. Kaczynski’s own brother David, who ultimately turned Ted into authorities after recognizing his distinct writing, believes Kaczynski was exposed to this diabolical mind control.

But the Unabomber was not the only prominent candidate for involvement in mind-control technologies during the 90’s. Timothy McVeigh, the so-called mastermind of the Oklahoma City Bombing, complained during his interrogations that he had been implanted with some kind of mind-control microchip. The stuff of loons, of course, but for the fact that his first job following his discharge from the military was as a private security guard at Calspan, a DOD contractor whose specialty is microelectronic circuitry. And who was it that conducted psychological services for the government? None other than psychologist Dr. Jolyon West, who was another principal researcher for MK Ultra.

But fifty years ago the first attempts at mass mind control was not conducted in clandestine university basements on people drugged with LSD. The first subjects of mind control were on their first dates or taking their families to the movies, when movie companies inserted images of popcorn and sodas with suggestive words to unsuspecting audiences. Soon researchers found that television watching produces strong Alpha wave activity, which places the viewer into a suggestive, if not hypnotic state.

Now, screens invade every waking moment of modern life, delivering a customized pseudoreality that successfully competes for our attention in the real world, mimicking real life to the point the average youth spends over six hours a day absorbed in the pseudoreality of screenworld. How far has the science of subliminal messaging advanced since those long-ago days of drive-in movies? We may never know.


Which brings us to the horrific events at Sandy Hook, and the despicable video. Whether this video was done purposefully to discredit the conspiracy theorists or not, it is being touted as the kind of things ones should expect from conspiracy theorists. The observations follow the time line of the movie,

1. The opening slide is a foreshadowing of the video’s timbre, with hologram prominently misspelled. First impression purposefully blown.
A. No vanity attribution or website, no channel to follow. There is 100% probability a person who would produce something like ‘hoax’ has produced something else.

2. The video’s first embedded video is taken from the infowars initial reporting of the event. Infowars is Alex Jones’ juggernaut of conspiracy theories, and this is the first identifiable media source on the video. Not a household name, so clearly the producer is a fan of Jones’, right?

3. The instinct to believe in multiple shooters and look for evidence is right on; but a month after the shooting the unidentified men were accounted for, kinda.
A. Why was there an off duty cop from a nearby town skulking through the woods during a crisis situation, looking for his niece? Was he running or hiding from the responding police, as the helicopter footage suggests?
B. The reporter for Infowars is seen next, making him appear to be the official narrator for the hoax video. Again, he is commenting from the day of the event, when there was a considerable layer of fog about the events of the day.
C. The man in the police car was probably the off-duty officer, who should be charged with obstruction or interference or whatever nuisance charge they use in those parts.

4. Citing early reports and noting discrepancies of the guns used is of limited value. The demand for information will always outpace the abilities of authorities to deliver such accurately.
A. That the AR-15 was so quickly pegged as the murder weapon is suspicious, but that speaks to the bias of the anti-gun media’s fear of menacing looking weapons.
B. The weapon recovered from the trunk of the car was a shotgun.

5. Clearly the Medical Examiner was ill-prepped for this, which is always an issue with these doppleganger part-time actors, right?
A. . Without ballistics testing his initial assessment is meaningless, and he should have deferred answering.
B. His affect is confused, and he is weird. Heaven forbid you or I are every asked to view the carnage he saw and then appear before millions. This may be the sign of trying to conceal his emotions. His guffaw at one point is not an indication that he found the situation funny, but more of a scoffing grunt.

6. Children cowering, wounded, in a closed environment would only be difficult to murder for the most inept shooters.
A. Lanza’s mother did train him on the gun range, so he knew what to expect in terms of recoil, sound, and reloading.
B. Multiple shots per murder victim is indicative of disabling wounds and then shots to complete the murders. This recalls the method used in the horrific Dublane mass murder is children.
C. That so many adults died speaks first to the bravery of the staff, but it does remove the number of witnesses who could positively identify the murderer.

7. Ryan Lanza’s identity card probably was issued before their estrangement and brought along to incriminate Ryan.

8. Misidentifying Nancy Lanza to a reporter is not an act of delusion, it is confusion wrought from witnessing the murder of children and co-workers. The inability to find a registered nurse speaks more to the abilities of the search than the results. Implicating the shocked nurse is another attempt at defaming skeptical investigators. And what kind of scumbag reporter needles a shocked, grieving witness, anyway?

9. The largest question is what kind is jerks go after grieving parents? Robbie Parker may have feigned a wan smile the stiff upper lip kind, or he may have grimaced when approaching the cameras. Point is, if he is a professional actor he must be hard up for work. This ridiculous and wicked claim that the children were not murdered is a deliberate tactic to create some level of outrage. By appearing to blame Parker, Lanza’s sole responsibility is diminished.

10. The Facebook time stamps for the Parkers’ page are some kind of artifact produced by crappy Facebook. It is common these days for people to use social media for support. What kind of person uses social media for super? Millions and millions. What kind of ghoul accuses the parents of pretending their beloved child is dead is the real question.
C. The picture with grinning Skullbama is eerie enough, without the ‘hoax’ video’s outrageous claim that child clearly of dear Emilie’s sister in her dress. Siblings often look alike. Strange but true.

11. By now you should know that Gene Rosen is not the actor by the same name from Newtown.
A. Most likely he was confused and saw two people escorting the children.
B. Why were the children not escorted to the closet fire station? Well, they were probably busy at the moment and unable to tender that kind of assistance.
C. If a professional actor, he sure blew his lines. Callously using the term ‘fun fact’ belies the author’s intention of using the event as a game.
D. Either the list was released before the video claims or, once again, the shocked witness is mistakend. He may also be refereing to the number of dead, not necessarily their names.

11. Anderson CIA Copper’s interview with the Macdonald family had been edited so that context is removed. During this clip they were recalling what a sweet child their girl was.

12. There was a training event for how to deal with children in crisis in a nearby town. This is notable because often drills or simulations are planned for the same time as an actual event. The London bombings and September 11, for instance.
A. Typically the training exercise is more precise and less global. That is, we would want to see that an active shooter drill was planned for the region.
B. This takes us back to that off duty officer lurking around the scene. This needs to be addressed.
C. Numerous instances have occurred wherein police have entered schools pretending to be active shooters without letting the schools in on the secret. Seriously. Search that. Firing blanks and everything.
D. The theory is that one actor is prepared to act while the others or other goes ‘live’ and executes the patsy or leaves the patgsy holding the bag.

13. The foreshadowing in the Batman movie is eerie, but so temporal and scatological that the eerieness comes more from the association with the Aurora rampage.

14. Why is the only media able to contact the producers the notoriously liberal
A. Ten million views could generate tens of thousands of dollars and yet that blood money was left on the table.
B. No claim of authorship. So if the goal was notoriety why no means to track it back? No Twitter handle, no YouTube channel, no website.
C. Even if the producer did not want the ludicrous claims to go viral, why publish at all? And once it did go viral, why not then take responsibility?

Understanding that the video was exploiting artifacts in the information flow more than exploring all avenues of inquiry, it did not mention a couple of popular conspiracy memes.

1. What medications had Lanza been prescribed?
A. We know that his garbage diagnosis of Asberger’s is a throwaway catchall for mental illness NOS (not otherwise specified) so the likelihood of not being prescribed is fairly low.
B. This speaks to how ‘programmable’ the murderer may have been. This would seem to be an important part of the hoax thesis, that Lanza was some kind of unwitting patsy, and yet the video makes no mention of this aspect of the case.
C. While psychotropic medications do not cause mass shootings, virtually every mass shooter is on them.

2. The video does not try and link Aurora shootings.
A. This meme is standard for conspiracy theories and while others have made the connections (or tried to) this video does not.
B. While the LIBOR conspiracy was out there within days there is no mention of it here. What are the chances that two children of fathers in the top echelon of finance commit similar acts? This was an early meme after the massacre, and yet no mention here.


My impression is that this video was produced to defame and discredit skeptical inquiry. Glenn Beck’s Blaze website has – while I have been noodling this exposition – published its own analysis, drawing from liberal websites Snopes and Salon. In doing so the article slams Infowars, as do an inordinate number of comments, even more than articles published on Beck’s site about Jones in the wake of Jones’ appearance on that Limey’s CNN show. I do not believe that Beck had anything to do with the video for its production, but it is certainly true that he is using it as an opportunity to defame Alex Jones.

This damnable video is classic red herring, straw man, stuff. Designed to be knocked down, to offer rabbit trails leading nowhere, to present a false choice between the official narrative and independent investigation. Whether this was the original intent is impossible to prove, but the impact is obvious: ‘truthers’ are all heinous idiots, wild eyed morons who will stoop to any level to create a kerfuffle.


Did Lanza act alone? Was there foreknowledge of his hideous act? Could he have been a ‘targeted individual’ or an MK Ultra-esque subject? Was he just a deranged young man angry at the world for no particular reason?

We will never really know, but in a time when distrust in government and the media is an all time high, when most of our waking life is spent in a pseudo reality of screens, is it really surprising?


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January 20, 2013 at 5:17 pm asks: ‘Tulsa World: Intentionally Deceptive or Exceedingly Lazy?’

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Well, THAT would depend greatly upon whose opinion one asks, apparently; most Tulsans would say both, which is the same conclusion [UF.C] reveals in its devastating research into Beautiful Brands International. This is a great piece of independent reporting by the brave bloggers over at UF.C, building a case for journalistic malpractice that spans nigh on a decade. Striking hard early with a mountain of documentation, UF.C ends his examination by brutally wondering why Laurie Winslow or John Stancavage’s heads are not rolling over thar at the World. UF.C catches them copy-pasting TYPOS from press releases, for crying out loud!

Ultimately, the question is asked: ‘Does Tulsa World and parent World Publishing, Inc. care that its publication is being used as a press release mill and propaganda pipeline by questionable companies, or is that practice in accordance with the World Publishing Code of Ethics?’ Inasmuch as the Tulsa World used its own paper to lobby for a private airline of which it was the primary stakeholder (Great Plains Airlines), ultimately leaving the City of Tulsa in $7,000,000 in debt to the private bank of its richest citizen, the Tulsa World really has no ethics, really, does it?

Given David Rutkauskas’ age, he is undoubtedly part of the Old School network of corrupt insiders and their ilk, with the bloggers at the shat-end of the decision-making tree, merely going through the motions. Tulsa is lousy with clubs and cliques, and the World has -given the Great Plains debacle – forever ruined any pretense of journalism. In fact, the entirety of Tulsa media are one great big public relations arm for the police state, the socialists at the Chamber, and the fraternal cliques that run this town. Thank you, UF.C, for helping expose one single, glaring example of how Tulsa runs.

Tulsa World Perpetuating the Beautiful Brands Success Myth Since 2003: Intentionally deceptive, exceedingly lazy, or both?

Tulsa World, it seems to us, routinely publishes company-submitted press release content as its own, original content. In our opinion, Tulsa World not only fails to fact-check, proofread or verify the accuracy of the press release content it publishes, its staff continues to reprint the same false and deceptive statements even after they have been provided with proof of their inaccuracy. In the opinion of UnhappyFranchisee.Com, Tulsa World just doesn’t seem to care about journalistic ethics nor providing its reader with accurate information. We’re not sure whether Tulsa World and its business editor, John Stancavage, are intentionally deceptive, exceedingly lazy, or both.

In a November 25, 2012 column supposedly written by World Staff Writer Laurie Winslow, Tulsa World credited Beautiful Brands International with developing and successfully launching a list of “worldwide, franchised brands” that included Camille’s Sidewalk Café, Rex’s Chicken, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery, Roxberry Juice Co., Smallcakes A Cupcakery, MyCamille’s and Hard Knox Pizzeria.
On December 12, 2012, UnhappyFranchisee.Com wrote to both writer Laurie Winslow and Tulsa World Business Editor John Stancavage to inform them that these are in no way “worldwide, franchised brands.”

In fact, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery and Hard Knox Pizzeria are single-unit shops with no franchises. Rex’s Chicken has 2 locations. Roxberry Juice Co. and Smallcakes A Cupcakery each have 8 domestic locations. MyCamille’s is not even a business; It appears to be the name of the Camille’s Café franchisee intranet. And Camille’s Sidewalk Café, long touted as a success story by Tulsa World, is down to 32 domestic locations, having closed more than 70 franchises in recent years.

(In 2003, Tulsa World stated that BBI’s founders are “focused on opening more than 600 [Camille’s] franchises coast to coast by the end of 2004” and that they “have 135 franchises in different stages of development.” As far as we can tell, the founders opened no more than about 106 Camille’s franchises and most of them have failed.) Despite this correction, on December 16, 2012, Tulsa World again published a BBI press release as original content, including BBI’s list of “worldwide, franchised brands” that included Camille’s Sidewalk Café, Rex’s Chicken, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery, Roxberry Juice Co., Smallcakes A Cupcakery, MyCamille’s and Hard Knox Pizzeria.

This time they added a new “worldwide, franchised brand” to the list: NYPD Pizzeria. Tulsa World failed to mention that NYPD Pizzeria is not worldwide (it does not have a single international location), was founded by a convicted con-artist now serving time in Federal prison, or that the NYPD Pizzeria has closed 60% of its locations in recent years.

The Case for “Intentionally Deceptive”
On November 18, 2012, staff writer Laurie Winslow wrote the headline “BBI to franchise coffee and tea concept at Camille’s.”

Ms. Winslow seemed to be bending over backward to give the impression that BBI is now franchising the international Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf concept. The truth is that a single, local Camille’s location is brewing Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee (through a Keurig system, according to one source) and maybe retailing a few Coffee Bean branded products as a test. BBI is clearly not “franchising” the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf “concept” as Ms. Winslow states. Could such an obvious deception not be intentional?

The Case for “Exceedingly Lazy”
Tulsa World, it seems, even plagiarizes typographical errors.

In its December 16, 2012 “FYI Business” section under the headline “FreshBerry expands in Middle East, Venezuela,” Tulsa World staff supposedly wrote “Rutkauskas said he hopes to continue the incredible growth of the FreshBerry brand with eight more stores openings…” [sic Emphasis ours] 16 days earlier, on November 30, 2012, QSR magazine published the same text in its story: “Rutkauskas said he hopes to continue the incredible growth of the FreshBerry brand with eight more stores openings…” [sic Emphasis ours] Even the typo “eight more stores openings” was apparently plagiarized from a BBI press release without attribution. So not only does it appear that Tulsa World is too lazy to do its own writing, but it’s too lazy to proofread as well.

Should Tulsa World Fire Laurie Winslow? John Stancavage?
On July 12, 2011, The Kansas City (Mo.) Star fired its longtime metro columnist, Steve Penn, for doing what it appears Tulsa World’s Laurie Winslow is doing on a regular basis: publishing press releases verbatim in a bylined column. According to Allan Wolper, a professor of journalism at Rutgers University, “last July, Penn fired back, filing his suit against the Star and corporate owner, McClatchy Newspapers, Inc., alleging his editors knew all about his pilfering and that plagiarizing press releases was common practice at the paper.”

The Kansas City (Mo.) Star adamantly denies Penn’s claim. Such an admission would damage the reputation and call into question the integrity of the newspaper. In a recent article entitled Ethics Corner: The News Hole Is No Place For PR Copy, Professor Wolper wrote:
“Lifting press releases verbatim and publishing them without attribution is a sin against readers. It is a violation of the public trust that media love to talk about. It gives the impression that the paper is not an independent voice. It calls into question every other story in the paper.”

It appears undeniable that Tulsa World writers and editors are publishing the press releases of BBI (Beautiful Brands International) verbatim. If you Google a quote or key phrase from the stories linked to above, you will likely see up to a dozen websites (like Yahoo News, QSR, Fast Casual) that have published the same story, using the same text, same executive quotes, same unverified sales figures, etc. as Tulsa World.

The question is: Does Tulsa World and parent World Publishing, Inc. care that its publication is being used as a press release mill and propaganda pipeline by questionable companies, or is that practice in accordance with the World Publishing Code of Ethics?

The answer is, once again, no, because, in our opinion, they have no ethical core. Anything scribbled on a sheet of toilet paper by a monkey in a zoo will have more journalistic ethics than the Tulsa World, or for any one in the Tulsa media, for that matter.

Written by thetulsan

December 18, 2012 at 1:39 am

#THEOUTSIDERS redux: YOUR children are not brats, Greasers

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In case you were wondering, I am not going to flay our local paid bloggers when they promote bullcrap online reviews that praise Tulsa and then ignore the bloggers’ reporting of information on spurious online rankings that cast dispersions on awful, awful Tulsa.

Here is the thing about that ‘’ survey, which ranks Tulsans as having the 15th most spoiled kids in America: kids in Tulsa are NOT spoiled as a general rule. Most kids are latchkey children who have two parents working dead-end jobs they hate in a place they are stuck at – if the so-called ‘brats’ are lucky enough to have an intact two-parent family, that is. They most likely live in a dumpy rental or crappy apartment, lucky to have a bicycle and some electronic game. THEN we have that upper-crust whose children drive brand-new or nearly-new cars, who have every gizmo and gadget and think they are morally superiour because their folks are well-to-do.

Lumping all kids into the spoiled camp is a wicked misdirection, and your pathetic local media just jumps in with ‘Yup, you Tulsans need to crack down on your kids, all of you’ when that is not the case at all. None of the bloggers excoriate for their sweeping generalization of Tulsans’ youth, or explore what happened to the website’s authors that led them to believe your children are spoiled. YOUR children are staring down the barrel of working every day at low-wage, dead-end jobs until the day they die, while the true spoiled children will never have to work a day in their lives. YOUR children will be lucky to afford to even care, while the elite prance around knowing they have their folks’ connections to land them the right school, internship, and jobs.

Worse yet is when status is derived from whether or not one is a ‘native’ Tulsan or not. Consider this: in any city of size, do you think anyone could get away with confessing that there is an ‘in-crowd’? Well, that is exactly what we have in this bastion of corruption and ‘insiders’.

So, no Tulsan, chances are YOUR child is not spoiled, but they are going to be bullied, derided, and mocked by the indolent punks of the old-school and nouveau rich lackeys whose children can do no wrong, who revel in their insider status. The only thing you Outsiders need to know about Tulsa is that the wicked, arrogant, and corrupt rule this place like any tyrant can. Tulsa is a bore at best, a garden plot in a cemetary at worse. Ugh! Outsiders: keep it that way!

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June 11, 2012 at 9:22 am

#UNHAPPYMOTHERSDAY: How The Zero Weeks Of Paid Maternity Leave In The U.S. Compare Globally

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Via the hard-core socialists at Think Progress.

Out of 178 nations, the U.S. is one of three that does not offer paid maternity leave benefits, let alone paid leave for fathers, which more than 50 of these nations offer. Here’s how the U.S. stacks up to 14 other countries:


In comparison, Canada and Norway offer generous benefits that can be shared between the father and mother, France offers about four months, and even Mexico and Pakistan are among the nations offer 12 weeks paid leave for mothers.
American women are offered 12 weeks of unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, which exempts companies with fewer than 50 paid employees, but in 2011, only 11 percent of private sector workers and 17 percent of public workers reported that they had access to paid maternity leave through their employer. And for first-time mothers, only about half can take paid leave when they give birth.
At the same time that working women in the U.S. lack a benefit widely available across the globe, almost 50 percent of families had two working parents in 2010, and 26 percent of households were headed by single parents. Without guaranteed paid maternity leave, many of these working women face significant financial hardship by having to choose between their paycheck and their families.
Women are forced to put their careers and financial future at risk simply because they want to have children. During their pregnancy, they face being fired unfairly or not being able to properly care for themselves. They should not have to worry about making ends meet without paid maternity leave on top of that.

That is just great! Swell! Even third-world poopfests like Pakistan and Mexico offer SOME kind of benefits, while our ‘industrialized peers’ absolutely embarrass us. Unhappy Mothers’ Day for you, sucka muthas! What are you waitin’ fer, that baby is out! Now git off that fat lazy ass, hand that baby over, and git back to yer cubicle! Sling that hash! We got a national debt to pay off!

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June 1, 2012 at 10:27 pm

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Is Big Splash worth the cost?

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Another let-down Monday, when the overwhelming majority of Tulsans wake to find themselves wildly disappointed to find themselves in gross Tulsa. Admittedly Mondays are horrific for most working stiffs nationwide, but we already know Tulsans are among the most unhappy workers in the nation.  Tulsa is so damned awful that – as we already know – any ‘good news’ is promoted with glee by the lying liars among the media bloggers, the most notable example being’s ridiculous assertions that Tulsa is an excellent vacation spot.

Well besides the fact that there are no direct-to-coast flights, no amusement parks, natural wonders, really only occasional visits by aging music acts, Tulsa is a great vacation spot for families whose big idea of fun is taking tick-infested walks or big-box shopping in the Midwest. What about Big Splash? Now THERE is an awesome destination, right? Wrong!! Among the nine ‘best affordable destinations’ that have water parks, how does Big Splash fare? Virtually dead last, that is how! In the order of ‘vacation destinations’ as recommended by, here is how awful Tulsa’s awful water park truly is:

Tulsa: a Big Splash of Disappointed

These ratings are derived by averaging Google, Yahoo, and Yelp reviews, and clearly demonstrates that besides Boulder CO (with an incredible 1 rating) and Rogers AR (which does not even have a water park) Big Splash ranks dead last! Funny thing, I WILL STILL BUY A SEASON PASS FOR ME AND THE HALF-PINT! THAT is how desperate I am! I will endure the baby-pee-pool – the one where water passes nicely between the lawn and pool over thar by the ship-shaped-slide – and the aging facilities for a chance to drown in the wave pool.

In the meantime stay far, far away from Tulsa. Unless your favorite artist is performing a one-night-only last-ever no-more concert in Tulsa, save your money and your time and pick any of Oklahoma’s other teeming metropolis’ for your vacation destination.

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May 14, 2012 at 11:23 am

KOTV embeds YouTube video too violent, distasteful, inappropriate, possibly illegal for YouTube

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The bloggers at the KOTV blog, being professional journalists and all, report on the SHOCKING YES SHOCKING video of a GASP fight in some Midwest City education prison. The video was (or, is) quite violent, showing one student getting his head kicked like a football! But but but KOTV is a serious news station! Why would they glorify that kind of nauseating violence?

Luckily, YouTube – new home of the vast wasteland – has more sense than KOTV, which tried to embed the video uncensored on its blog! So KOTV has less scruples than YouTube.

But dat is how dey roll, them Gangstas at the KOTV blog! Hard-core, ya’ll!

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February 29, 2012 at 9:51 am

WTF TulsaWorld Blog? LaFortune in ‘low-crime area’? LOL!

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You Outsiders who are considering moving to this wretched back water should know that there are no ‘safe’ or ‘low-crime’ areas in our city. There are areas where the misery is more profound than others, but for the most case every neighborhood is near a ‘high-crime’ area.

Consider the Tulsa World blog’s assertion that – following the rape of a jogger in LaFortune Park – the Park is in a low-crime area! What a joke! Do not be fooled, Tulsa does not have ‘safe’ areas or is any safer than any other crappy mid-sized town in the midwest beset my meth and gangs and dangerous drifters.

The area just north of LaFortune is a constant crime zone, a real pit with shitty apartments and dirt-poor residents. That ‘x’ with an arrow pointing from a skull to it is where just last week a nice elementary school teacher was murdered in a hit-and-run – again in broad daylight. Robberies, assaults, murders, rapes, allll within 90 seconds of ‘safe low-crime’ LaFortune Park.

Funny how the lying liars in the whore media use ‘safe’ and ‘low-crime’ to some pathetic advantage for how cool Tulsa is – instead of warning readers that Tulsa has been designed to spread the misery of cheap-ass apartments to allllll neighborhoods.

Consider Byron Ivory’s brutal murder down at SOBO, 18th and Boston, the World blog’s headline ran ‘Tulsan faces murder charge in deadly downtown robbery.’ And this is the SECOND designation for where the shooting took place, here the World blog says it was just ‘near downtown.’ Kind of funny they never use the term ‘SOBO District,’ when that is the SOBO District. I mean, if anything happens downtown it is allllll the Blue Dome District (Where is the BOK Tower? Why, over by the Blue Dome District.’) SOBO is one block from the Maple Ridge, half a mile or so from Swan Lake, Cherry Street, and Riverview neighborhoods, but not in the World blog’s lexicon, where the bloggers are confused as to whether correctly typify downtown as the rathole shitfest it is, or whether to spread the fear and misery to, y’know, ‘safe’ neighborhoods.

Look for yourself, by any designation Ivory’s murder (the red ‘x’ below) occurred in Swan Lake, Riverview, or Maple Ridge, but as long as the World is dispensing the Kool-aid, they can call that bitter almond taste whatever they want, and you dolts will just drink it down.