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Zoanette Johnson is the hottest Tulsan in the world right now: FOX23 hates that

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Creaky American Idol has picked the Tulsan with The Mostest to be an Amazon habilitation specialist! And by Amazon we mean larger than life Zoanette Johnson!

Putatively from a city awash with the most musical hipness this side of Enid, the snobs must hate that she was chosen. But we say a star is born! First, Ms. Johnson’s clownish performance had everyone in stitches. Plus, the girl honestly has some real lungs and decent pitch.

Inexplicably, outside of a passing mention on the blog of the Tulsa World blog, her nomination to the final twenty girls – a huge dream to millions upon millions of girls – has not been mentioned by the local media! Can you believe that?

The snobs are such snobs in this place! While Fox 23 has time to publish ‘Life after American Idol’ stories on rejects, Ms. Johnson’s unlikely ascension is neglected!
At least the other three local television franchises have network loyalties to watch out for, but Et Tu, FOX23?

Already vote for the worse activists are pegging her for an early favorite, if she survives. Of course she will embarrass her home city for just a few weeks more, and then the haters can relax. I keep telling you: our local media are absolutely a clubby group of preppies who think they are important because of who they are and what they do. They are sorority chicks and frat boys, and that is not Zoanette, and they hate her.

You go, girl! You show these haters!


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February 17, 2013 at 12:19 am asks: ‘Tulsa World: Intentionally Deceptive or Exceedingly Lazy?’

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Well, THAT would depend greatly upon whose opinion one asks, apparently; most Tulsans would say both, which is the same conclusion [UF.C] reveals in its devastating research into Beautiful Brands International. This is a great piece of independent reporting by the brave bloggers over at UF.C, building a case for journalistic malpractice that spans nigh on a decade. Striking hard early with a mountain of documentation, UF.C ends his examination by brutally wondering why Laurie Winslow or John Stancavage’s heads are not rolling over thar at the World. UF.C catches them copy-pasting TYPOS from press releases, for crying out loud!

Ultimately, the question is asked: ‘Does Tulsa World and parent World Publishing, Inc. care that its publication is being used as a press release mill and propaganda pipeline by questionable companies, or is that practice in accordance with the World Publishing Code of Ethics?’ Inasmuch as the Tulsa World used its own paper to lobby for a private airline of which it was the primary stakeholder (Great Plains Airlines), ultimately leaving the City of Tulsa in $7,000,000 in debt to the private bank of its richest citizen, the Tulsa World really has no ethics, really, does it?

Given David Rutkauskas’ age, he is undoubtedly part of the Old School network of corrupt insiders and their ilk, with the bloggers at the shat-end of the decision-making tree, merely going through the motions. Tulsa is lousy with clubs and cliques, and the World has -given the Great Plains debacle – forever ruined any pretense of journalism. In fact, the entirety of Tulsa media are one great big public relations arm for the police state, the socialists at the Chamber, and the fraternal cliques that run this town. Thank you, UF.C, for helping expose one single, glaring example of how Tulsa runs.

Tulsa World Perpetuating the Beautiful Brands Success Myth Since 2003: Intentionally deceptive, exceedingly lazy, or both?

Tulsa World, it seems to us, routinely publishes company-submitted press release content as its own, original content. In our opinion, Tulsa World not only fails to fact-check, proofread or verify the accuracy of the press release content it publishes, its staff continues to reprint the same false and deceptive statements even after they have been provided with proof of their inaccuracy. In the opinion of UnhappyFranchisee.Com, Tulsa World just doesn’t seem to care about journalistic ethics nor providing its reader with accurate information. We’re not sure whether Tulsa World and its business editor, John Stancavage, are intentionally deceptive, exceedingly lazy, or both.

In a November 25, 2012 column supposedly written by World Staff Writer Laurie Winslow, Tulsa World credited Beautiful Brands International with developing and successfully launching a list of “worldwide, franchised brands” that included Camille’s Sidewalk Café, Rex’s Chicken, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery, Roxberry Juice Co., Smallcakes A Cupcakery, MyCamille’s and Hard Knox Pizzeria.
On December 12, 2012, UnhappyFranchisee.Com wrote to both writer Laurie Winslow and Tulsa World Business Editor John Stancavage to inform them that these are in no way “worldwide, franchised brands.”

In fact, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery and Hard Knox Pizzeria are single-unit shops with no franchises. Rex’s Chicken has 2 locations. Roxberry Juice Co. and Smallcakes A Cupcakery each have 8 domestic locations. MyCamille’s is not even a business; It appears to be the name of the Camille’s Café franchisee intranet. And Camille’s Sidewalk Café, long touted as a success story by Tulsa World, is down to 32 domestic locations, having closed more than 70 franchises in recent years.

(In 2003, Tulsa World stated that BBI’s founders are “focused on opening more than 600 [Camille’s] franchises coast to coast by the end of 2004” and that they “have 135 franchises in different stages of development.” As far as we can tell, the founders opened no more than about 106 Camille’s franchises and most of them have failed.) Despite this correction, on December 16, 2012, Tulsa World again published a BBI press release as original content, including BBI’s list of “worldwide, franchised brands” that included Camille’s Sidewalk Café, Rex’s Chicken, Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery, Roxberry Juice Co., Smallcakes A Cupcakery, MyCamille’s and Hard Knox Pizzeria.

This time they added a new “worldwide, franchised brand” to the list: NYPD Pizzeria. Tulsa World failed to mention that NYPD Pizzeria is not worldwide (it does not have a single international location), was founded by a convicted con-artist now serving time in Federal prison, or that the NYPD Pizzeria has closed 60% of its locations in recent years.

The Case for “Intentionally Deceptive”
On November 18, 2012, staff writer Laurie Winslow wrote the headline “BBI to franchise coffee and tea concept at Camille’s.”

Ms. Winslow seemed to be bending over backward to give the impression that BBI is now franchising the international Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf concept. The truth is that a single, local Camille’s location is brewing Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee (through a Keurig system, according to one source) and maybe retailing a few Coffee Bean branded products as a test. BBI is clearly not “franchising” the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf “concept” as Ms. Winslow states. Could such an obvious deception not be intentional?

The Case for “Exceedingly Lazy”
Tulsa World, it seems, even plagiarizes typographical errors.

In its December 16, 2012 “FYI Business” section under the headline “FreshBerry expands in Middle East, Venezuela,” Tulsa World staff supposedly wrote “Rutkauskas said he hopes to continue the incredible growth of the FreshBerry brand with eight more stores openings…” [sic Emphasis ours] 16 days earlier, on November 30, 2012, QSR magazine published the same text in its story: “Rutkauskas said he hopes to continue the incredible growth of the FreshBerry brand with eight more stores openings…” [sic Emphasis ours] Even the typo “eight more stores openings” was apparently plagiarized from a BBI press release without attribution. So not only does it appear that Tulsa World is too lazy to do its own writing, but it’s too lazy to proofread as well.

Should Tulsa World Fire Laurie Winslow? John Stancavage?
On July 12, 2011, The Kansas City (Mo.) Star fired its longtime metro columnist, Steve Penn, for doing what it appears Tulsa World’s Laurie Winslow is doing on a regular basis: publishing press releases verbatim in a bylined column. According to Allan Wolper, a professor of journalism at Rutgers University, “last July, Penn fired back, filing his suit against the Star and corporate owner, McClatchy Newspapers, Inc., alleging his editors knew all about his pilfering and that plagiarizing press releases was common practice at the paper.”

The Kansas City (Mo.) Star adamantly denies Penn’s claim. Such an admission would damage the reputation and call into question the integrity of the newspaper. In a recent article entitled Ethics Corner: The News Hole Is No Place For PR Copy, Professor Wolper wrote:
“Lifting press releases verbatim and publishing them without attribution is a sin against readers. It is a violation of the public trust that media love to talk about. It gives the impression that the paper is not an independent voice. It calls into question every other story in the paper.”

It appears undeniable that Tulsa World writers and editors are publishing the press releases of BBI (Beautiful Brands International) verbatim. If you Google a quote or key phrase from the stories linked to above, you will likely see up to a dozen websites (like Yahoo News, QSR, Fast Casual) that have published the same story, using the same text, same executive quotes, same unverified sales figures, etc. as Tulsa World.

The question is: Does Tulsa World and parent World Publishing, Inc. care that its publication is being used as a press release mill and propaganda pipeline by questionable companies, or is that practice in accordance with the World Publishing Code of Ethics?

The answer is, once again, no, because, in our opinion, they have no ethical core. Anything scribbled on a sheet of toilet paper by a monkey in a zoo will have more journalistic ethics than the Tulsa World, or for any one in the Tulsa media, for that matter.

Written by thetulsan

December 18, 2012 at 1:39 am

Rhema lights still the best Christmas thing going here in Pottersville, but who really cares?

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I have not been posting much here because posting information online about Tulsa is no longer fun or interesting, and I have so little free time that until I figure out another angle to blogument from there is a strong repulsion from putting content out there. Up until April, 2011, I was a serious Tulsa booster, ready to promote and say laudatory things about Tulsa. Of course, that all changed after I was almost killed when I was rear-ended by a texting driver, then falsely arrested, tortured, and perjured against by a fine outstanding member of your wicked Tulsa Police Department. That all has the same effect of having your beloved wife introduce you to her boyfriend who beats you up, pees on you, then sends you a bill.

Blogging about Tulsa news is now basically like using the last name of your abusive spouse long after the marriage is over. I promoted Tulsa unashamedly for over a decade and for what? To be victimized and to know that my abusers are not held to account while a good chunk of my soul is destroyed to never be restored. Every perusal of news stories is a reminder of how wicked Tulsa is. So, no, I do not feel inclined to post here very often. I tried to brush it off and try to move forward like nothing happened but I cannot. The injustice is too great and the damage too real to just pretend like nothing happened.

This is not to say I am not thankful for all I have, because I am so thankful, so grateful and blessed. But, again, I cannot continue business as usual. Until justice is served I can only tell you that Tulsa is ruled by wicked people and populated for the most part by cowardly, self-centered zombies. Just like the rest of America. Tulsa is not special and in most ways worse than many places in this once great nation. There are not a few bad apples, there are only a few good people left. Most of us that are awake are just lying in bed, Like the rest of America things are changing and the genteel, polite Tulsa of yesterday is a complete and utter fiction. Everyone feels it and senses the Change but wants to pretend everything is normal, at best, and worse yet are those who are mesmerized by all the diabolical diversions available to us. The overwhelming majority of people are giggling facsimiles of adults enslaved to perpetual infantility, adult children at war with their own children for toys and attention.

Wherever you are do not even consider moving to Tulsa or even visiting here. Take your chances anywhere else before coming to this pussboil of corruption and evil. BUT if you must be here for the blessed Christmas season, spend some time out at Rhema in Broken Arrow. The millions of lights and vibe and unadulterated non-commercialization of their light show is a breath of fresh air and more than worth the drive.

PROTIPS FOR RHEMA: 1. Avoid the incredibly long line of cars by entering through the back. 2. Bring something to sit on.

Written by thetulsan

December 3, 2012 at 9:56 am

#THEOUTSIDERS redux: YOUR children are not brats, Greasers

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In case you were wondering, I am not going to flay our local paid bloggers when they promote bullcrap online reviews that praise Tulsa and then ignore the bloggers’ reporting of information on spurious online rankings that cast dispersions on awful, awful Tulsa.

Here is the thing about that ‘’ survey, which ranks Tulsans as having the 15th most spoiled kids in America: kids in Tulsa are NOT spoiled as a general rule. Most kids are latchkey children who have two parents working dead-end jobs they hate in a place they are stuck at – if the so-called ‘brats’ are lucky enough to have an intact two-parent family, that is. They most likely live in a dumpy rental or crappy apartment, lucky to have a bicycle and some electronic game. THEN we have that upper-crust whose children drive brand-new or nearly-new cars, who have every gizmo and gadget and think they are morally superiour because their folks are well-to-do.

Lumping all kids into the spoiled camp is a wicked misdirection, and your pathetic local media just jumps in with ‘Yup, you Tulsans need to crack down on your kids, all of you’ when that is not the case at all. None of the bloggers excoriate for their sweeping generalization of Tulsans’ youth, or explore what happened to the website’s authors that led them to believe your children are spoiled. YOUR children are staring down the barrel of working every day at low-wage, dead-end jobs until the day they die, while the true spoiled children will never have to work a day in their lives. YOUR children will be lucky to afford to even care, while the elite prance around knowing they have their folks’ connections to land them the right school, internship, and jobs.

Worse yet is when status is derived from whether or not one is a ‘native’ Tulsan or not. Consider this: in any city of size, do you think anyone could get away with confessing that there is an ‘in-crowd’? Well, that is exactly what we have in this bastion of corruption and ‘insiders’.

So, no Tulsan, chances are YOUR child is not spoiled, but they are going to be bullied, derided, and mocked by the indolent punks of the old-school and nouveau rich lackeys whose children can do no wrong, who revel in their insider status. The only thing you Outsiders need to know about Tulsa is that the wicked, arrogant, and corrupt rule this place like any tyrant can. Tulsa is a bore at best, a garden plot in a cemetary at worse. Ugh! Outsiders: keep it that way!

Written by thetulsan

June 11, 2012 at 9:22 am

Is Big Splash worth the cost?

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Another let-down Monday, when the overwhelming majority of Tulsans wake to find themselves wildly disappointed to find themselves in gross Tulsa. Admittedly Mondays are horrific for most working stiffs nationwide, but we already know Tulsans are among the most unhappy workers in the nation.  Tulsa is so damned awful that – as we already know – any ‘good news’ is promoted with glee by the lying liars among the media bloggers, the most notable example being’s ridiculous assertions that Tulsa is an excellent vacation spot.

Well besides the fact that there are no direct-to-coast flights, no amusement parks, natural wonders, really only occasional visits by aging music acts, Tulsa is a great vacation spot for families whose big idea of fun is taking tick-infested walks or big-box shopping in the Midwest. What about Big Splash? Now THERE is an awesome destination, right? Wrong!! Among the nine ‘best affordable destinations’ that have water parks, how does Big Splash fare? Virtually dead last, that is how! In the order of ‘vacation destinations’ as recommended by, here is how awful Tulsa’s awful water park truly is:

Tulsa: a Big Splash of Disappointed

These ratings are derived by averaging Google, Yahoo, and Yelp reviews, and clearly demonstrates that besides Boulder CO (with an incredible 1 rating) and Rogers AR (which does not even have a water park) Big Splash ranks dead last! Funny thing, I WILL STILL BUY A SEASON PASS FOR ME AND THE HALF-PINT! THAT is how desperate I am! I will endure the baby-pee-pool – the one where water passes nicely between the lawn and pool over thar by the ship-shaped-slide – and the aging facilities for a chance to drown in the wave pool.

In the meantime stay far, far away from Tulsa. Unless your favorite artist is performing a one-night-only last-ever no-more concert in Tulsa, save your money and your time and pick any of Oklahoma’s other teeming metropolis’ for your vacation destination.

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May 14, 2012 at 11:23 am

Yes, Tulsa is a horrible vacation destination

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Someone over at has a hard-on for Tulsa, and it is a little, well, embarrassing. Somehow the deluded geeks have yet again decided to deceive whatever readers it has and has ranked Tulsa SIXTH out of 500 cities as an affordable vacation destination! Ha ha ha! Check out the comments to the stories linked to right there, and see how dumbfounded and incredulous the majority of the comments are! This follows some stupid ranking that placed Troll-town in the top ten for music.

Both of these assertions are just bizarre and really lead to the assumption that someone over there has Troll-town connections. As a vacation destination Tulsa would be as disappointing as a teenager receiving a defensive-driving class as his/her ‘big gift’ on Christmas! Expired meat may be ‘affordable’ but inadvisable to eat! The Yugo is affordable, but awful. I have lived in this crappy place for over 25 years and not ONCE, not one single time, have I ever encountered anyone who just came to Tulsa to visit. Not once. Now a lot of people have to come here to visit their trapped relatives or friends who cannot escape Wretchedopolois, but as a destination in and of itself? Bizarre.

Here is something for the lying liars to not report: of those ‘top ten’ cities,’s rankings place Tulsa ranks in the bottom four, along with Rogers Lousiville and Greenville! So among some of the cheapest places in America with a drive-through and a Best Western Tulsa is still in the bottom tier (we think Rogers, Arkansas is being lumped in with Rogers Cellular, skewing that metric)! Nonetheless, the difference between the above average versus below average is striking: 3x average favorability for the top tier versus the bottom tier.

There are no remarkable natural phenomena or remarkable man-made destinations in Terrible-town, our ‘history’ is thin and unremarkable, it is out-of-the way, and really not that great on any entertainment scale. And on that ‘music-city’ fiction, ask any random Troll-town zombie where some good music scenes are or who their favorite musician is and I can 110% guarantee they will have no clue. And yet this unfun, crappy backwater is one of the top-ten music scenes in America? Riiiiiight. (Fact is, the CHOICH, the FOAL GOSPILL CHOICH’es is where the best musicians are, but since the churches do not sell booze or sex…)

So the trolls at ‘livability’ used scientific data to make this calculation, right? Y’know, numbers? Statistics? None. Just their gut feelings. Huh. Well MY gut feeling tells me someone is lobbying or has some kind of interest in the outcome. Tulsa has close to zero attractions outside of a few casinos and museums, a handful of interesting buildings, and that is it. The one highlight for the cheerleaders is the BOK Center – a half-billion dollar boondoggle that is the crowning achievement of the socialists in power in Tulsa. Even then, the concerts that are booked are hailed and promoted as news events months and months before they occur.

One bright spot: if for whatever reason you are induced into coming to one of the concerts at the BOK Center (City of Tulsa Civic Arena) you no longer even have to walk around our crappy urban landscape: a NEW parking garage is directly across the street! That is right: the Arena was touted as a way of getting people into downtown to help small businesses and eateries, but NOW folk can breeze into shitty Tulsa and breeze right out without getting smeared with Tulsa! Great!

Whatever you do, dear reader, do not plan on vacationing in Tulsa for any reason. It may save a few dollars but if saving money was important why are you not still driving your old car and wearing hand-me-downs? Because cheap is cheap, and Tulsa is beyond cheap – it is worthless. And is equally worthless in its assessments, obviously.

MENINGITIS OUTBREAK? Tulsa Health Department urges calm: EVERYONE PANIC!

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Following the meningitis death of a child in Pawnee County, Union Public School parents should be very, very concerned that only a letter was sent out regarding a second case at one of its elementary schools earlier this month. As the KOTV blog reports, however, for the lazy Health Department, things are ‘business as usual,’ even as the the school is disinfecting every surface and the child in question has been absent since leaving school two weeks ago.

So even as Tulsans are terrorized about the flu – getcher shot, drone! – we are supposed to just shrug when this fast-acting, extremely deadly disease is prowling The Region. That poor, grieving Pawnee County family is being treated as if they are spreading a rumor about their baby’s death: see the KOTV blog’s headline: ‘Parents SAY . . .’ as if they are scaremongering!

They are not ‘saying’ shit, you corrupt lying bastards! Their baby is dead! D-E-A-D from bacterial meningitis! This is not their opinion you stupid whores!

Note this comment from the blog:

The entire stoy has not been told here, my 5 month old Granddaughter just got out of Saint Francis Childrens Hospital after a 20 day stay which I’m sure is the same thing (Meningococcemia) that’s going on here. My Granddaughter is also from Pawnee county I think there is a comon [sic] link there. The News on 6 is calling it Bacterial Meningitis and not the same thing as what happened in Oologah, but my Granddaughter’s was the same thing. So what I’m saying here is the Health Department needs to further investigate.

NOPE! Business as usual! And this without reiterating the ‘Don’t Bug Me’ admonitions to wash hands frequently, etc. Man, every element of Tulsa government is so poorly run, so corrupt and deceiving, you damn better not be calm.

Written by thetulsan

February 15, 2012 at 10:38 am